the black mage first year read online free

the black mage first year read online free

It's not something that people are just born with and able to use with expertise right away. Magic demands sacrifice, toil, and dedication. The book takes a very unconventional approach to the concept of magic, and because of that, lead heroine Ryiah is very unconventional as well.

Ryiah isn't destined to be a hero like so many other protagonists in these kinds of stories like a certain boy who lived. She's not the best or the strongest or even the nicest person we meet. No, Ryiah has to fight and sweat and claw very step of the way just to try to make it to the end of her first year at the Academy. And that's exactly why she is so fascinating to read about. Because we're not just watching her struggle, we're watching her grow!

And as she becomes more skilled and more confident throughout the story, it feels like a completely natural progression of her character, rather than simple plot convenience. In addition to watching Ryiah grow as a character, we watch her relationships grow as well. Her friendship with Ella grows stronger as they help each other train, even though they're competing for the same prize. Her twin brother Alex is very protective of her, but as Ryiah becomes stronger and bolder, he begins to accept that she can take care of herself.

And of course, the relationship in this book that all its readers are talking about, the one between Ryiah and one of her biggest opponents at the Academy, the seemingly arrogant and ruthless Prince Darren. At first, Darren does not impress at all. He's condescending and downright cruel to Ryiah.

But in this rivalry, Rachel E. Carter proves her strength as a writer, because as the relationship between the two foes develops, Carter does one of the greatest jobs of "show, don't tell" I've ever seen!

As the book is told entirely from Ryiah's perspective, we're never made privy to Darren's thoughts. Yet, while Ryiah goes through the story thinking the Prince looks down on her, it's made clear to the reader how much Darren truly respects the young girl. We can see how impressed he is with all the additional effort Ryiah is putting in to hone her magical abilities, even if he will never actually tell her that.

Even in moments where Darren seems to be trying to sabotage Ryiah's efforts, it's apparent to us if not to Ryiah that he's doing it because he believes that adversity builds character.

In a book brimming with sharp dialogue, it's this tough-love relationship that leads to my favorite quote in the story, when Darren tells Ryiah, "If I had listened to everything the courtiers sang, I never would have gotten to where I am today. The people who tell you what you want to hear are the most dangerous enemies you'll ever meet.

Carter applied throughout the tale. Learning about magic is a lot more than just memorizing spells. Students are required to apply mathematics, geography, and history just so they have a proper foundation. The study of magic is divided into three different factions, namely Combat, Restoration, and Alchemy. Students are forced to perform rigorous exercise so that they are able to act quickly and cast spells in high-pressure situations. And when those spells are cast, Ms. Carter's imagination really goes wild!

Fighters conjure up swords during a duel. Runners create holes in the ground to trip up their competition. Many times you expect the rules of magic to go one way, and Rachel E. Carter takes them in a new direction instead, much like this variation on the the old "pull out the tablecloth magic trick" Don't say it don't say it don't say it I'm so ashamed!

I swear, I could hear you all groan at that one, even those of you who are overseas! However, as much as I enjoyed the book, I couldn't quite give it a perfect score. That's because while the characters and relationships certainly progress throughout the novel, I didn't feel the same about the overall story. After the first chapter alludes to a world teeming with threats, the rest of the book is then focused entirely on the events at the Academy. I never once felt like Ryiah or the other students were in any real danger.

There was no larger villain or some greater purpose. That's not to say I was ever bored while reading about Ryiah and the others, but in a book where people can conjure up weapons to hurl at each other, it just seemed like a wasted opportunity to never take the story to a grander lever. Also, I would have liked to have known more about the world of Jerar as well. Again, the first chapter alludes to a world where the Crown needs an army filled with soldiers and warrior mages, but once Ryiah and Alex reach the Academy, the world-building pretty much stops.

Some more backstory would have help add depth to the story as well. Why was Ryiah so obsessed with becoming an apprentice in Combat magic in the first place? Why did Alex choose Restoration when he already had an advantage in Alchemy? Did Priscilla Ryiah's greatest rival really train tirelessly in both physical combat and magical abilities just to impress the Prince, or does she have some larger ambition that drives her? Since this is only the first book in a four-book series, I'm sure there is more world-building to come, but I still felt that I was left with too many unanswered questions by the time I reached the last page.

Still, even with my minor quibbles, I highly recommend this book to everyone. With a strong heroine, a fascinating relationship, and a unique look of one of the fantasy genre's most-used elements, there's enough magic in this book to make even Severus Snape put on a happy face.

Snape says, "This IS my happy face! View all 60 comments. Sep 29, Rachel E. View all comments. What a wonderful debut. It was just really good. It takes place in the Academy, where over one hundred students with different levels of magical potential go to compete over fifteen revered robes.

Five for Alchemy, five for Restoration or Healing , and five fo What a wonderful debut. Five for Alchemy, five for Restoration or Healing , and five for Combat, the most popular faction. There were many positive aspects in this book. This girl takes an entire year to devote all of her free time to studying, catching up on homework, and honing her physical skills.

How the girl manages to do all of that without dropping dead is beyond me, but I really appreciated the fact that she improved by actually working for it. An absolute asshat. And yet there is something alluring about him — the typical tall, dark, handsome, mysterious man, who decides to help Ryiah every now and then, because he sees potential in her. Last but not least, the main character has friends. I know, right?

How odd. And these friends actually play an important part in the story! They have their own personalities and their own plots, and you can love them for a whole different set of reasons. The only criticism I can offer is that it sometimes got a little repetitive. Other than that, I really enjoyed this book. View all 10 comments. This first book takes place entirely at the Academy , a school where teenagers who have magic enroll to become mages who are divided into 3 factions : Alchemy potions , Restoration healing and Combat fighting.

Book 1 focuses solely on their first-year as they have to study and learn to use their magic in order to be, at the end of the year, part of the fifteen chosen ones allowed to continue on at the Academy for the second year as Apprentice Mages.

She will have to work hard and fight to find her place and realize her dream of becoming a Combat Mage. We were only focused on the Academy itself and the mages : their organization, the different factions and how to train to become a mage. The fantasy elements of the story the mages and the magic totally had me engrossed and fascinated, it was very well explained and quite unique. With that, it reminded me a lot of Harry Potter because of the atmosphere at the Academy that is quite similar to that at Hogwarts.

It was still full of badass fights with weapons as well as magic, so entertaining, thrilling and exciting, reminding me this time of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire because of the competition between the students and the different trials they have to pass to not be eliminated. The characters : They were definitely part of what made me love this book SO much alongside the fantasy elements.

Ryiah was such a wonderful character : she was sweet, brave, hard-working, so strong-willed and easy-going. But mostly, she was no special snowflake as we always encounter in YA fantasy : Ryiah was actually just an average and lowborn girl enrolling in the Academy to have a chance to realize her dream of becoming a Combat Mage. Throughout the entire year, she struggles but I loved that she never gave up, especially with the better ones trying to discourage her, she would always get back on her feet and train even harder, not hesitating to ask help from friends.

I glared. Humility does not suit you. Darren , non-heir Prince, was my second favorite character after Ryiah! He was such an intriguing character : he was cold, arrogant, aloof, rude, harsh but badass and smart he was after all the best of the students at the Academy.

He was definitely not your typical perfect and charming love interest but I loved that he never went easy on Ryiah. He would always push her, getting a rise out of her, being straightforward with her and not being sorry for it. But deep down, we could glimpse that he could be nice behind all that, that through his interactions with Ryiah, he was staring to soften and trying to help her without seeming to, that him pushing her buttons was his way of helping her work harder and understand her mistakes.

Adversity teaches one more than flattery ever will. I thought it was very subtle and well-done , creating a very slow-burn connection that never felt too obvious or forced and this was such a change from the typical romance we come across in most YA fantasy books. He smiled wolfishly. I liked the dynamic of their exchanges and the witty banter between Alex and Ella, bringing a light touch to the story. You smell as enchanting as—" "Save your prose, pretty boy," Ella cut Alex off, laughing.

So, looking for a new YA fantasy series to start? Go ahead and try this one out! View all 15 comments. One of the key elements of any brilliantly successful literary piece is a catchy and interesting beginning and this book has something beyond that. Thank you. Are the characters well depicted? Is the writing captivating? I have met really great characters in the story. Ryiah such an interesting name but how do you pronounce it? If she were in front of me, I would give her a hundred rounds of applause and the fiercest congratulatory handshake.

Her qualities are admirable- her determination and persistence immeasurable. We also have the same exceptional talent- the ability to sleep within seconds of hitting the pillow.

Events are filled with action, display of magic, competition and series of tests that make your heart beat faster than a bullet train. Fantasies with distant past settings usually use language that will either give you a nosebleed or a migraine, but the author used simple and yet beautiful writing language that was comfortable and easy to read. I enjoyed this book from first page to last.

View all 12 comments. Oct 10, Ben Alderson rated it it was amazing. Everyone is rooting for her to fail--first and foremost among them is Prince Darren, the school prodigy who has done nothing but make life miserable since she arrived. Will Ry survive, or will her dream go down in flames? It's THAT good. Winterkeep Kristin Cashore. Darcy love interests. Her first series is the bestselling YA fantasy, The Black Mage, and she has plenty more books to come.

Sign up for her OverDrive uses cookies and similar technologies to improve your experience, monitor our performance, and understand overall usage trends for OverDrive services including OverDrive websites and apps. We use this information to create a better experience for all users. The third-year seemed too cheery to have just come from a chat with our training master. Ian took the seat opposite mine as he slid in next to Loren. I decided it was a wasted effort. Lynn shrugged. I don't see Jerar going to war anytime soon.

Instead, he spent the hour drilling with Byron personally in the training grounds. I wasn't sure whose idea it had initially been — the man hero-worshipped the prince - but I understood Ian's irritation. By Patricia Hopkins. By Erika M Szabo. By A C Brown. By Sarah Woodside. Bee's Adventure By D. Welcome back to Twitter.

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