the 100 season 5 episode 2 free

the 100 season 5 episode 2 free

Create Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. Clarke and Bellamy awaken first and are greeted by Jordan, the son of the now-deceased Monty and Harper, who had elected to not undergo cryostasis. They're informed by Jordan that years have passed and through series of video diaries left by Monty and Harper they learn that Earth never really recovered but Monty managed to hack the Eligius Three mission file, leading to the discovery of another planet on a distant binary star system where he sends the survivors prior to his death.

While the group is chased by a swarm of native bugs, Shaw runs into a shield of radiation and dies. The others make it to a seemingly abandoned compound. Just then, Emori stabs Murphy and tries to kill him, having been influenced by the toxins. Meanwhile in space, Abby performs surgery on Kane to save him. She instructs Niylah to get blood from all sleeping Skaikru. Octavia, being woken up with her people, confronts an awoken Kane about his betrayal of Wonkru.

Their argument leads to Kane suffering internal bleeding and Abby puts him back into cryo until she can figure out how to save him. In a flashback years ago, humans from Earth found Sanctum on the moon Alpha. A binary solar eclipse occurs, causing the lead scientist to go on a murderous rampage.

They attempt to chain themselves up to avoid hurting each other, but Clarke, Bellamy, and Murphy end up free. Bellamy ends up trying to kill Clarke and Murphy, but Clarke subdues all three of them with a sleeping gas. Stuck in the cafeteria, many Wonkru violently attack Octavia for her tyrannical decisions.

Raven wakes Diyoza and they team up with Madi to retake control of the bridge. Afterward, Abby, Diyoza, Raven, Madi, Jordan, Gaia, their prisoner, and a stowaway Octavia arrive on the planet and go to the compound where Raven discovers Shaw is dead.

When Sanctum residents return after the eclipse, Clarke requests the Earth group be allowed to stay in Sanctum. Their leader, Russell, asks Raven to bring the transport ship inside Sanctum's radiation shield for safety, while he and Clarke discuss the future of the Earth group over dinner.

He tells her about Clarke's history as Wanheda and how she killed people to protect her own. This causes Russell to deny Clarke's request to stay in Sanctum. At the dropship, Madi, Diyoza and Gaia are ambushed by a group known as the "Children of Gabriel" who steal their weapons and behead Kaylee's dead family bodies as they chant "Death to Primes!

Following this, Bellamy exiles Octavia from the ship and leaves her to die alone. However, he kicks Diyoza out after recognizing her as the terrorist. Trapped inside of her own mind, Clarke learns that she survived thanks to having a piece of A. Searching through her mindscape to try and find a way to stop Josephine, Clarke is confronted by manifestations of her father, Octavia as Bloodreina, and Maya, until Josephine manages to talk Clarke into surrendering by suggesting that this would be the final sacrifice necessary to save her people.

However, as Clarke prepares for 'death', she is confronted by a manifestation of Monty, who convinces Clarke to examine Josephine's memories, revealing that Josephine encouraged a twisted form of eugenics where anyone not capable of producing nightblood offspring would be killed, preaching that only the Primes deserved to life.

Although inspired to continue opposing Josephine, Clarke fails to regain control of her body and enrages Josephine in the process. At the same time, Bellamy and Nathan use Clarke's murder to negotiate a deal with Russell. During the meeting, Clarke is able to seize control of one finger and use it to discreetly send a Morse code message to Bellamy that she is still alive.

Quickly grasping the implications, Bellamy tells Nathan that they will get Clarke back. Josephine warns her parents that Clarke is still alive but knows how to get rid of Clarke for good. On their way to the anomaly, Diyoza realizes that Xavier is Gabriel himself who explains that one of his followers resurrected him against his will after his last host died.

Gabriel leads the two women to the anomaly where a hallucination of her daughter draws Diyoza into the anomaly, leaving her fate unknown. When Octavia follows, she emerges healed. At the same time, Josephine plots to get rid of Clarke with the help of Ryker, Emori and Murphy against Russell's will. Clarke's friends plot to get her back, but Madi falls under the influence of the Dark Commander, murders Miranda and seriously wounds Jordan.

Emori betrays Murphy and Josephine to help save Clarke before her body burns out from the strain. Josephine seriously wounds Murphy in a failed attempt to escape and Bellamy departs on his own to enlist the Children of Gabriel's help in removing her from Clarke.

Enraged at the deaths of so many Primes and the kidnapping of his daughter, Russell orders his people to use whatever means necessary to find Josephine. Believing that Octavia was in the anomaly for a longer period of time than it seemed, Gabriel uses red sun toxin to try to help Octavia regain her memories. Octavia hallucinates herself in the bunker arena where Charles Pike confronts Octavia over her actions. Pike helps Octavia see that she wants redemption for her actions and Octavia symbolically kills her dark side Blodreina.

At the same time, Kane struggles to adjust to his new body and the morality issues that come with it, particularly after meeting the wife of his host, Gavin. Josephine and Bellamy are captured by the Children of Gabriel while the wall between Josephine and Clarke's minds continues to disintegrate. After awakening Indra, Raven and Kane decide to bring an end to the cycle of violence and rebel against Simone.

Kane decides to commit suicide by having Indra float him and the Nightblood serum after a tearful goodbye with Abby.

When the Children of Gabriel prepare to execute her, Josephine relinquishes control to Clarke who escapes and leaves Bellamy with the keys. Now seeing Josephine in the waking world, Clarke chooses to seek out Gabriel who gets her message alongside Octavia who is now dedicated to saving her friends. Amanda Tapping.

With the help of a reluctant Ryker, Echo and Gaia foment a rebellion against the Primes, leading to a man assassinating Simone.

In response, Russell prepares to burn everyone at the stake, but is convinced that the Earth people can help him create new Nightbloods through bone marrow transplants. With Madi falling further under the Dark Commander's influence, Raven plots to erase his mind for good with the help of Gaia. Their condition deteriorating, Clarke and Josephine work together to survive before being found by Gabriel and Octavia.

With Bellamy urging her to fight, Clarke destroys Josephine for good and is reunited with her friends at long last. Echo tries to convince Ryker to let her go, recognizing that he is conflicted.

Echo shares her backstory with Ryker, revealing that she is actually Echo's best friend Ash who was forced to kill the real Echo as a child and take her place.

Gaia and Miller manage to escape and rescue Echo before she can be mind wiped and Echo kills Ryker. At the same time, Clarke and the others are captured by the Children of Gabriel and work to come up with a plan to defeat the Primes once and for all. They come up with a way to simulate a Red Sun eclipse to cause an evacuation of Sanctum. After Jade arrives with Murphy, Clarke poses as Josephine to infiltrate Sanctum and take down the radiation shield.

Clarke is able to fool both Russell and Madi, but Madi's anger at Clarke's supposed death causes her to fall fully under the influence of the Dark Commander and agree to his plans.

The Dark Commander, now in full control of Madi, threatens to kill her if he is deleted from the Flame. Without Becca's notebook, Raven is unable to hack the Flame and delete him. To protect Madi, Abby becomes a Nightblood to give the last doses of bone marrow to Russell.

After reconciling with Raven, Abby is mind wiped by Russell and made into the new host for Simone. With Russell preparing to resurrect all of the Primes, Gabriel goes rogue to stop him, but can't bring himself to kill Russell and is captured. Continuing her guise as Josephine, Clarke forces Priya to help her knock out power to Sanctum and reveal the truth about the Primes to the citizens.

In retaliation, Russell unleashes a massive amount of Red Sun toxin, causing the citizens to go mad and attack each other with Priya being killed in the chaos.

The reunited Primes decide to retreat to Eligius IV for the time being, using Raven, Madi and Gaia as hostages while Murphy and Emori choose to remain behind to save their friends. Murphy and Emori, posing as Daniel and Kaylee Prime, manage to rescue their friends from zealots.

Working together, the group overpowers the Sanctum citizens under the control of the toxin, saving many though an unknown number kill each other in the conflict. Clarke blows all of the Primes but Russell into space, enraging Russell who teams up with the Dark Commander to get revenge. Urged by Clarke, Madi regains control and takes Russell captive. With Madi's life at risk, Raven deletes the Flame, but discovers that the Dark Commander was able to upload himself to an unknown location.

In the aftermath, everyone is left wondering if they did the right thing while symbols connected to the anomaly are discovered on Octavia's back. Using the symbols causes the anomaly to expand and Diyoza's adult daughter Hope to emerge. Hope states that "he" has her mother and stabs Octavia before collapsing.

Octavia vanishes as the anomaly returns to normal, leaving her fate unknown. After Octavia's departure, Bellamy is kidnapped by invisible figures while Hope shows no memory.

Gabriel, Hope and Echo chase after Bellamy's kidnappers; after experiencing a hallucination of Roan and the real Echo, Echo kills three of them. With the Anomaly closing, Gabriel, Echo and Hope choose to follow the others through it to find Bellamy.

With the various factions now living together in Sanctum, tensions rise, particularly with the Children of Gabriel demanding Russell's execution while Murphy is guilt-stricken over his role in Abby's death and Madi continues to experience memories from one or more of the Commanders.

A depressed and suicidal Russell destroys Priya's Mind Drive and goads Clarke into killing him; after Clarke knocks Russell unconscious, he is greeted by Sheidheda in the Mindspace who had uploaded himself into Russell's Mind Drive when the Flame was destroyed.

The Dark Commander kills Russell and resurrects himself in Russell's body. Unaware of this, Clarke burns down the Sanctum palace and announces a new beginning for Sanctum and that "Russell" will be executed the next day for his crimes. As his execution approaches, Sheidheda manipulates the situation so that killing him will create a martyr and cause the fanatics to destroy Sanctum, forcing Clarke to stop the execution. At the same time, while trying to fix Sanctum's nuclear reactor, James Crockett accidentally triggers a nuclear meltdown with his carelessness and is killed in process.

After Gaia reveals the truth about the Flame, many in Wonkru abandon the cause, forcing Raven to turn to the Eligius prisoners for help. Hatch, a former bank robber and three other prisoners volunteer alongside Murphy and Emori whose Nightblood offers them protection to fix the core itself. However, the radiation exposure proves fatal to the prisoners, forcing Raven to lie to them in order to get them to fix the cooling system in time.

With the help of Murphy, Hatch is able to complete the job at the last possible second before dying from the radiation exposure. In flashbacks, a few months after the kidnapping of Octavia and Diyoza, Dev, a Disciple prisoner, arrives on Skyring; forming a bond with Hope, they plot to ambush the Disciples when they return in ten years in order to rescue Octavia and Diyoza. However, the plan goes wrong and Dev is killed, forcing Hope to continue on alone.

In the present, Gabriel, Echo and Hope are forced to wait for the Disciples return; they learn that the Disciples believe that there will be "the war to end all wars" and worship Eligius III as a deity that saved them from the Earth's destruction. The Disciple prisoner Orlando trains them, allowing them to successfully ambush the Disciples five years later, but Echo refuses to trust Orlando further and abandons him on Skyring; Orlando subsequently commits suicide.

On Sanctum, Raven, haunted by the deaths that she caused, studies the armor of a Disciple that Echo had killed, learning that the Anomaly is a wormhole. The Disciples demand Clarke's surrender, claiming that she holds the key to winning "the war to end all wars.

Clarke and the others arrive on Nakara, an ice planet, with no sign of an Anomaly Stone to enable them to leave. In flashbacks, after arriving on Bardo, Octavia's memories are scanned by Levitt, a compassionate Disciple scientist who takes an interest in Octavia. Hope eventually arrives and rescues Octavia with Levitt's help, returning her to Sanctum which causes Octavia to lose her memory of her time away.

Highest quality. Microsoft Store. Octavia acted like a queen in this episode! Aptly named like always. Date: Tuesday, May 1 Start Time: 9 p. Sign up now for a free seven-day trial. A surprising connection takes us back to the past and the nuclear apocalypse that destroyed the Earth. Emori tries to heal Sanctum's old familial wounds while Echo, Octavia and Diyoza struggle with new ones.

As Raven faces an unexpected threat, Clarke must keep the peace among opposing factions in Sanctum. Sanctum becomes a battleground between the devout and the non-believers.

The mystery of the anomaly deepens. A special Naming Day changes everything in Sanctum. Gabriel comes face to face with an old friend. Russell seeks justice. Meanwhile, Gabriel must make a difficult choice.

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Octavia is forced to take guidance from an unlikely ally when the future of the bunker and all those inside it is jeopardized. Octavia has to take a stand to save the bunker from starvation. I am really lost for words with this episode. This was absolutely amazing. I did not expect The to shock me again after the season 4 finale.

But it did. When becoming members of the site, you could use the full range of functions and enjoy the most exciting films. Home Episode The — Season 5: Episode 2. Follow him on Twitter. Finale: Perverse Instantiation: Part 2 41m. Echoes 41m. Heavy Lies the Crown 42m. The Four Horsemen 42m. A Lie Guarded 42m. The Tinder Box 41m. We Will Rise 42m. Gimme Shelter 42m. God Complex 42m. DNR 42m. Die All, Die Merrily 42m. The Other Side 42m. The Chosen 42m. Praimfaya 42m. Eden 42m.

Red Queen 42m. Sleeping Giants 41m. Pandora's Box 41m. Shifting Sands 42m. Exit Wounds 42m.

In frre post-apocalyptic thriller series, a hundred young survivors of Armageddon are sent from their the 100 season 5 episode 2 free on orbiting space stations back to Earth to see if the planet can still support life. It may be, but the new colonists are not going to american horror story season 3 episode 4 full episode free an easy time of it. Clarke confronts a new adversary. A surprising connection takes us back the 100 season 5 episode 2 free the past and the nuclear apocalypse that destroyed the Earth. Emori tries to heal Sanctum's old familial wounds while Echo, Octavia and Diyoza struggle with new ones. As Raven faces an unexpected threat, Clarke must keep the peace among opposing factions in Sanctum. Sanctum becomes a battleground between the devout and the non-believers. The mystery of the anomaly deepens. The 100 season 5 episode 2 free special Naming Day changes everything in Sanctum. Gabriel comes face to face with an old friend. Russell seeks justice. Meanwhile, Gabriel must make a difficult choice. Lastly, the Blake siblings reunite. Bellamy must venture into enemy territory with an unlikely companion. Meanwhile, Octavia is forced to confront her frre. Octavia and Diyoza make their way to the mysterious anomaly in search of the Old Man. Meanwhile, Murphy has an offer for Emori. Diyoza learns more about the mysterious Children of Gabriel while Abby continues searching the 100 season 5 episode 2 free a way to save Kane. the 100 season 5 episode 2 free - Watch The Season 5 Episode 2 Full Episode. The - Season 5 - Episode 1: Eden - Watch or Stream Free HD Quality Movies. Watch The - Season 5 Episode 2: Red Queen HD free TV Show | Movies & TV Shows. September Based On The Books By Kass Morgan, This Show. On The Season 5 Episode 2, Octavia tried to bring peace to the bunker, but she found herself at odds with everyone. Watch the full. Here's how you can watch The season 5, episode 2 “Red Queen” online or You can catch the action online at or with a free. A century after Earth was devastated by a nuclear apocalypse, space Watch all you want for free. Episode 2 of Season 1. Episode 5 of Season 1. Is Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. streaming The Season 5? Find out where to watch full episodes online now! Watch The FREE on The CW. The - Anaconda Original Air Date: ​ share LATEST EPISODES (5). Next Episode Available. 7. With Season Five, our heroes have to examine their responsibility to the new If I was a first time viewer of a season 5 episode, it wouldn't spark an interest to. Posted: May 1, Instantly find any The full episode available from all 3 seasons with videos, reviews, SEASON. 7. SEASON. 6. SEASON. 5. SEASON. 4. SEASON. 3. SEASON. 2 The is available to watch free on The CW and stream on The CW. Octavia leads her people towards Shadow Valley against the advice of Clarke and Bellamy; Kane and Abby adjust to a new set of challenges. Meanwhile, Bellamy and Octavia share a shocking secret with Clarke. Street Food: Latin America. We Will Rise 42m. The Season 5 Quotes There are no good guys. Call Murphy plays a risky game. Clarke and Bellamy lead a perilous mission to rescue Raven. TV Series I Watched. Some of the lose touch with reality after eating a hallucinogen. Clarke begins to question Lexa's leadership decisions and Indra continues to push Octavia. the 100 season 5 episode 2 free