suzuki df 60 service manual free

suzuki df 60 service manual free

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If battery acid comes in contact with any of these, flush immediately with large amounts of water. If the level is low, add distilled water only. Once the battery has been initially serviced, NEVER add diluted sulphuric acid, or you will damage the battery. This section contains a set-up procedure on the outboard motor side only. If either sensor or installation is improper, the O feed- back operation will be performed incorrectly and could possibly result in engine operating problems.

NOTE: The figure shown above is guideline only, not absolute service limit. If the oil pressure is lower or higher than the specification, the following causes may be considered: Low oil pressure High oil pressure Ignition control Controls ignition timing.

This is a thermistor type sensor resistance of which changes depending on the temperature and inputs a signal to the ECM as a voltage value.

Zirconia element This sensor is a zirconia element platinum plated which changes Housing output voltage depending on the oxygen concentration difference between its internal and external surface. This system is totally battery powered, with the ECM controlling all ignition timing functions. The ignition system is composed of the ignition coil, spark plug and components for system control ECM, sensor, switch, etc.

The fuel injection system is composed of the fuel line components, air intake components, and components for system control ECM, sensors, switches, etc. As the fuel level decreases, fuel flows into the vapor separator from the low pressure fuel pump. The function of this unit is to separate vapors from fuel delivered by the low pressure fuel pump or fuel returned from the fuel pressure regulator. The regulator diaphragm chamber is open to the vapor separator chamber to keep the pressure balanced.

Intake manifold pressure, monitored by the MAP sensor, is an indirect measure of the intake air amount. When the throttle is fully closed, the main supply of intake manifold air necessary to sustain the engine idle passes through the by-pass air passage. Caution buzzer Sounds in a series of long 1. The indication repeats three times. When an abnormality occurs in a sensor signal, the ECM ignores the out-of-range signal and assumes a pre-programmed value for the failed sensors.

This allows the engine to continue running under the fail-safe condition. When the total motor operating hours have reached the Indication Cancellation preprogrammed hours; Once the system has operated, however, Suzuki strongly recommends that the engine oil be replaced before canceling the system activation.

On starting the engine, the ECM detects the shift position using the neutral switch. It is strictly prohibited to connect any tester voltmeter or ohmmeter to an ECM separated from the engine wiring harness. Disconnect the battery cables from the battery. Voltage Injector Terminal No. Crank the engine and measure voltage. Fuel injector operating signal: 6 — Disconnect the spark plug cap from the spark plug.

Measure resistance between both spark plug caps as shown. Ignition secondary coil resistance: NO. Disconnect the MAP sensor hose from the intake manifold surge tank side. Remove the oil pressure switch See the page Connect the gauge and an air pump as shown. See page Is result OK? Cylinder temp. Is result 16 V or over? Check neutral switch function. You may also like. Make an offer. Shop by category. Literature Type see all. Search Keyword or Part. All shippers are experiencing delays so plan your shipping options when checking out.

The procedures in this manual cover topics at a level virtually anyone will be able to handle. And just the fact that you purchased this manual shows your interest in better understanding your outboard. You may find that maintaining your outboard yourself is preferable in most cases. From a monetary standpoint, it could also be beneficial. The money spent on hauling your boat to a marina and paying a tech to service the engine could buy you fuel for a whole weekend's boating.

If you are unsure of your own mechanical abilities, at the very least you should fully understand what a marine mechanic does to your boat. You may decide that anything other than maintenance and adjustments should be performed by a mechanic and that's your call , but know that every time you board your boat, you are placing faith in the mechanic's work and trusting him or her with your well-being, and maybe your life.

This hourly rate is charged from the time they leave their shop to the time they return home. Keep all receipts for parts purchased, so that they may be referred to in case of related problems or to determine operating expenses.

As a do-it-yourselfer, these receipts are the only proof you have that the required maintenance was performed. In the event of a warranty problem, these receipts will be invaluable. Maintenance includes routine inspections, adjustments, and replacement of parts that show signs of normal wear. Maintenance compensates for wear or deterioration. Repair implies that something has broken or is not working.

A need for repair is often caused by lack of maintenance. For example: draining and refilling the engine oil is maintenance recommended by all manufacturers at specific intervals. Two basic rules should be mentioned here.

First, whenever the Port side of the engine or boat is referred to, it is meant to specify the left side of the engine when you are sitting at the helm. Conversely, the Starboard means your right side. The Bow is the front of the boat and the Stern is the rear. Most screws and bolts are removed by turning counterclockwise, and tightened by turning clockwise. An easy way to remember this is: righty-tighty; lefty-loosey. Corny, but effective. And if you are really dense and we have all been so at one time or another , buy a ratchet that is marked ON and OFF, or mark your own.

Where to Begin Before spending any money on parts, and before removing any nuts or bolts, read through the entire procedure or topic. So read ahead and plan ahead. Avoiding Trouble Some procedures in this manual may require you to "label and disconnect. Don't be lulled into thinking you can remember where everything goes - you won't. If you reconnect or install a part incorrectly, things may operate poorly, if at all. If you hook up electrical wiring incorrectly, you may i nstantly learn a very, very expensive lesson.

A piece of masking tape, for example, placed on a hose and another on its fitting will allow you to assign your own label such as the letter "A", or a short name. As long as you remember your own code, the lines can be reconnected by matching letters or names. If a component is to be washed or cleaned, use another method of identification. A permanent felt-tipped marker can be very handy for marking metal parts; but remember that fluids will remove permanent marker.

Be sure to read the i nformation on safety in this manual. Maintenance or Repair? Proper maintenance is the key to long and trouble-free engine life, and the work can yield its own rewards.

A properly maintained engine performs better than one that is neglected. Keep your own personal log to jot down which services you performed, how. These terms are used though out the manual. Professional Help Occasionally, there are some things when working on an outboard that are beyond the capabi lities or tools of the average Do-lt-Yourselfer DIYer.

This shouldn't include most of the topics of this manual, but you will have to be the judge. Some engines require special tools or a selection of special parts, even for basic maintenance.

Tal k to other boaters who use the same model of engine and speak with a trusted marina to find if there is a particular system or component on your engine that is difficult to maintain. For example, although the technique of valve adjustment on some engines may be easily understood and even performed by a DIYer, it might require a handy assortment of shims in various sizes and a few hours of disassembly to get to that point. Not having the assortment of shims handy might mean multiple trips back and forth to the parts store, and this might not be worth your time.

You will have to decide for yourself where basic maintenance ends and where professional service should begin. Take your time and do your research first starting with the information in this manual and then make your own decision.

Tuck your tail between your legs and call a marine mechanic. Marinas and independent shops will be able to finish a job for you. Your ego may be damaged, but your boat will be properly restored to its full running order.

When purchasing parts there are two things to consider. The first is qual ity and the second is to be sure to get the correct part for your engine. To get the proper parts always refer to the information tag on your engine prior to calling the parts counter. An incorrect part c. Just remember, a tow back to shore wil l cost p lenty.

That charge is per hour from the time the towboat leaves their home port, to the time they return to their home port. Get the picture.. So who should you call for parts? Well, there are many sources for the parts you will need. Where you shop for parts will be determined by what kind of parts you need, how much you want to pay, and the types of stores in your neighborhood.

Your marina can supply you with many of the common parts you require. In addition, it is always a good idea to get to know the marina staff especially the marine mechanic. The marine parts jobber, who is usually listed in the yellow pages or whose name can be obtained from the marina, is another excellent source for parts.

Almost every community has one or more convenient marine chain stores. These stores often offer the best retail prices and the convenience of one-stop shopping for all your needs.

Since they cater to the do-it-yourselfer, these stores. The lowest prices for parts are most often found in discount stores or the auto department of mass merchandisers. Parts sold here are name and private brand parts bought in huge quantities, so they can offer a competitive price. Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes There are 3 common mistakes in mechanical work: 1.

Incorrect order of assembly, disassembly or adjustment. Read the entire procedure before beginning disassembly. When you're taking apart something that is very intricate, you might want to draw a picture of how it looks when assembled at one point in order to make sure you get everything back in its proper position.

Overtorquing or undertorquing. Especially when dealing with aluminum parts, pay attention to torque specifications and utilize a torque wrench in assembly. If a torque figure is not available, remember that if you are using the right tool to perform the job, you will probably not have to strain yourself to get a fastener tight enough.

This occurs when a part such as a bolt is screwed into a nut or casting at the wrong angle and forced. Crossthreading is more likely to occur if access is difficult.

If you encounter resistance, unscrew the part and start over again at a different angle until it can be inserted and turned several times without much effort. Keep in mind that some parts may have tapered threads, so that gentle turning will automatically bring the part you're threading to the proper angle, but only if you don't force it or resist a change in angle. Don't put a wrench on the part until it has been tightened a couple of turns by hand.

If you suddenly encounter resistance, and the part has not seated fully, don't force it. Pull it back out to make sure it's clean and threading properly. Coast Guard to improve recreational boating safety. In response, the Coast Guard drew u p a set of regulations. These sometimes exceed the Coast Guard requirements. State and local laws are available from your local Coast Guard. As with other laws, "Ignorance of the boating laws is no excuse. These waters are those that provide a means of transportation between two or more states or to the sea.

They also include the territorial waters of the United States. In this process, papers are issued by the U. Coast Guard as they are for large ships. Documentation is a form of national registration. The boat must be used solely for pleasure. Its owner must be a U. The captain and other officers must also be U. The crew need not be. If you document your yacht, you have the legal authority to fly the yacht ensign.

You also may record bills of sale, mortgages, and other papers of title with federal authorities. Doing so gives legal notice that such instruments exist.

Documentation also permits preferred status for mortgages. This gives you additional security and aids financing and transfer of title. You must carry the original documentation papers aboard your vessel. Copies will not suffice. If you use it mainly on an ocean, a gulf, or other similar water, register it in the state where you moor it. If you use your boat solely for racing, it may be exempt from the requirement in your state.

States may also exclude dinghies. Some require registration of documented vessels and non-power driven boats. All states, except Alaska, register boats. In Alaska, the U. Coast Guard issues the registration numbers. The materials and components used are of the highest quality, so all modifications are characterized by increased reliability and correspond to the stated characteristics.

All products can be divided into two groups according to engine power. The first horsepower are models for small boats, intended for amateur use. The second group, with an engine capacity of liters. The second principle of division is associated with technical features and is based on the number of work cycles. Some engines operate on the principle of fuel intake - exhaust gases. Shipping cost cannot be calculated. Please enter a valid ZIP Code.

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To acquire a Suzuki repair manual for your outboard engine, click on the download link on this page. Next select the year and model repair manual, click on the link, and the manual will be electrically transmitted directly to your computer, tablet or e-reader within seconds.

The file format provides an electronic image of the printed book. In fact, once you download the manual, you can save it to your device forever.

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