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Then came the FJ44 in , which was our original six-seater, four door take off the traditional FJ. We delivered about of those. When I built the FJ40, I had it locked down all in my head for a few years.

By the time I went to make it, I had a high level of clarity of where I was headed. Sticking to pure directives of design, I built one. Then I added up how much it cost and realized that no one would buy these because they cost too much. So we realized either we dial down the quality to meet a price point that the public wants or we stick to our ideals with a complete disregard to the cost.

We decided there is enough shit in the world and kept it at the higher price point. We went into marine, aerospace and other industries for supplies. We found a great military pontoon boat manufacturer who makes marine-grade aluminum. Transportation products were once made to last as long as possible. The only transportation brands that adhere to the ethics ICON does are in the industrial, agricultural or military fields.

They represent longevity, simplicity and durability. And, in concept , we thought it would an easier platform to engage a wider audience. Some have called it the ugliest vehicle ever; I call it the most unique. The high hood line allowed us options for motor power from diesel to gas and even electric. By the time we brought the product to market, it brought greater engineering challenges because it was so costly to make.

I got a call from Jim Farley, the marketing director for Ford , who used to be at Toyota. Ford approved that and offered us assistance in design and production last November. You can opt for a manual five-speed transmission or an automatic with overdrive. All the trim is custom made out of aluminum or stainless steel. All the lighting is LED. The interior is by Mercedes with Chilewich woven textile inserts.

That ends up ghosting out the windows and looks quite bitching. You also get power everything, a navigation system, modern instrumentation, hand enameled control knobs, and so on. Every detail is bespoked. Something Wicked This Way Comes In the past decade, there have been three major articles of change in the Early Bronco world that have proved to generate a lot of discussion and opinions from all camps: the Bronco concept vehicle from , press releases promising the return of new Bronco bodies from Dynacorn, and the release of the ICON Bronco in Of these three, the Bronco concept remained exactly that — a concept that never gained traction beyond the show circuit.

Dynacorn bodies? And when it came time to offer a new twist on the classic four wheeler, that turned out to be a good thing. Ward is immersed in everything automobile, and brings a depth to the definition of reinventing vehicles that is sadly lacking in many automotive design and manufacturing efforts today. He realizes that 4 wheel drum brakes, manual steering, and sloppy handling get old in a hurry, muting the charm of vintage vehicles.

He was soon bound for Detroit to meet with Ford designers and engineers and gain access to valuable data that would be helpful for the project. Pardo and Ward became fast friends and collaborators on the Bronco project — with each contributing numerous facets to the complete vision for what would become the ICON Bronco.

For his Bronco project, Ward also enlisted a diverse group of team members, with the most interesting collaborator being Nike. Nike, you ask? With Morrison, Ward also had a supplier with a proven reputation for engineering excellence that could easily handle the challenges of proper suspension geometry and packaging. Attached to the frame are Dynatrac axles; a Dana 44 up front and a high pinion Dana 60 in the rear.

The 44 is stuffed with Superior axle shafts actuated by Warn hubs. Leveraging existing suppliers and components often makes sense from an economic standpoint. Sharp-eyed observers will note another carry-over from other ICON trucks — 6 lug wheels vs.

The rear axle also has small, dedicated parking brake calipers on the perimeter of the rotors. This is the first known use of such high quality braking components on an early Bronco. The axles are located to the frame via 0. The links are mounted in a triangulated pattern in the rear to locate the axle laterally as well as fore and aft.

In front, a radius arm suspension with a panhard bar trac bar in Bronco parlance locates the axle. Nitrogen charged Fox Racing coilover shocks with Eibach coils and remote reservoirs handle damping duties at each corner with the rears mounted inboard of the frame rails due to packaging constraints and clearance for the rear wheels during full axle articulation.

The suspension system includes sway bars front and rear. The cid V8 has had an association with the early Bronco since Feeding that beautiful engine is a fuel tank designed by Transfer Flow. It features rollover valves, an in-tank pump, and full baffling.

Ward scours the country looking for trucks in good condition to serve as donors. A note here — collectors and purists can rest easy as no historically significant, or concours perfect trucks are used as donors.

The bodies are stripped, cleaned, any necessary bodywork performed, and finished with coats of matte finish paint other finishes available. The door handles are a slightly ruggedized version of the originals, with a few extra creases to help create the look. Subtle stainless steel body armor is visible in the custom surrounds for the reflectors style shown on the body and the taillights.

The Sport Bronco beltline trim is also used. The most visible change to the body is most certainly the grill and lighting.

The grill is a laser cut stainless piece, with laser cut features and a recessed character line running horizontally down the center of it, adding strength to the flat surface. The turn signals are now circular lenses, with LED lighting. The distinctive headlights are made by Speaker and are a pattern of LEDs as well. High above that tailgate, an LED 3rd brake light provides an extra measure of safety. The front tastefully integrates a lb.

Warn winch with a Viking hawse fairlead and thimble and integrated LED fog lights. Since the tire carrier blocks the original license plate location, the license plate lighting is now on the tire carrier as is a very bright LED backup light. Another first forthe Bronco world are the small, lockable storage containers in the rear bumper that flank the recessed receiver.

Before opening the doors and checking out the interior, the medium between you and the interior bears mentioning. The glass in the windows of the ICON Bronco comes from the architectural world and features its layer of tint between the layers of glass.

It took several tries to get the sizing of the glass just right for the hardtop. Surrounding the panels are powder coated trim pieces attached with stainless steel hardware. The lower door panels, door upholstery inserts, center console cover, and floor patterns are Chilewich textile. The rear quarter panel inserts are made to match. The high-backed bucket seats have Mercedes vinyl upholstery with the afore-mentioned inserts.

The underside of the tub and the inside of the body are heat-cured polyurea. It resembles more common polyurethane coatings but bonds to the metal better and has higher chemical resistance. The floor mats are a composite of a rubber bottom, Dynamat insulation and the Chilewich textile on the top surface. This layered combination should serve as a durable, easy-to-clean configuration that provides insulation, noise damping, and an element of style.

The glove box shares the same material as the door panels. The truck features power door locks power windows are an option and keyless entry and start. Machined and powder coated aluminum dash inserts direct the flow of heated or air-conditioned air to cabin occupants.

A Vintage Air unit provides cabin air conditioning. Ward notes this unit will bolt into all early Broncos as a nice retrofit option. Machined aluminum knobs in the dash control all climate controls, the emergency brake release, and the hood release.

Eschewing the common trend of jettisoning the original instrumentcluster and installing a row of aftermarket gauges in the dash, they instead paid homage to the original, recognizing it as a key design element of the original trucks. Working with Dakota Digital, they designed an instrument panel packed with information and customizable via two digital displays in the lower quadrants.

The result requires no gauge additions to clutter the dash or steering column while retaining a recognizable feature of the original Broncos. As a result of this collaboration, Dakota Digital now offers a similar cluster for owners of early Broncos. The rear cargo area of the truck has a fold and- tumble rear seat, 3 point belts for rear seat passengers, Jocal and JL Audio speakers in the rear cargo panels the head unit is in the center console , and a 4 point chrome-moly cage to protect the occupants.

The underside of the top is lined with Dynamat for insulation and then covered with Alcantera; a high grade upholstery material more often found in expensive sports cars than Broncos. Popping the hood to view that beautiful 5. The engine is cooled by a custom aluminum Griffin radiator with air movement generated by an electric fan. In addition to the unorthodox partners and suppliers such as Nike for this project, a quick overview of the truck reveals a variety of quality products from more traditional Bronco suppliers as well.

Hood bumpers, hood shocks, lift gate shocks, the hood release cable, door bucket cups, window cranks, dash, door sill covers, locking tailgate handle and the gas cap are sourced from companies like BC Broncos, NicksTrix and Drake. While the ICON Bronco is not within reach, financially speaking, for everyone, its production is a boon for the entire Bronco community as it stretches the boundaries of the collective thinking for modifications to existing Broncos.

And with production in progress, even more people will get to own their version of the classic Bronco. ICON recently moved to a larger location in Los Angeles to support the growing demand for their vehicles.

A photo tour of their website shows quite a number of early Broncos staged for future builds. This is one great idea that has become a reality. For more information, including pricing and options, visit their website at www. Over the years, these trucks have changed massively. The modern Land Cruiser's only relation to the classic is the name. The Willys CJ became the Jeep Wrangler over time, and it has grown in size and quietly moved up-market.

Then it escaped from dealers all together when Ford ended the production run. One man decided that the disappearing act these off-roaders were pulling was a terrible magic trick and it was also unacceptable. ICON was born. The California based automaker, headed up by Jonathan Ward, uses an almost insane attention to detail to make modern interpretations of these classic trucks.

Each is catered to the individual owner, so no two ICONs are exactly the same. While ICON's versions of the cars look familiar from the outside, they are anything but.

However, the connoisseur will appreciate his unique ride for years to come. A Fetish Willys? Nor is it a vehicle built from the ground up to look like something like the old flat-fendered, snub nosed CJ3B, although that is what its builder, California-based Icon, says it is. Rather, it is a fetish.

It is the embodiment of the idea of a CJ3B, meticulously constructed from modern mechanicals-cut-down Dana 44 axles from the Jeep Rubicon, Fox remote-reservoir coil-over shocks at all four corners for two feet of wheel travel , four-wheel disc brakes, and a hp, GM 2.

The seats can be covered in optional and fashionable Chilewich-brand woven vinyl. The interior knobs are unique knurled, engraved and hand-enameled minor works of art. The thing is a jewelry box. Think the Defender is the epitome of rugged off-road cool? Meet the Icon that's about to change your mind. In Los Angeles the car is king. Thousands of miles of sun-bleached concrete arteries clog every day as millions commute across this vast metropolis, the whole city alive with life. Except tonight.

Instead, it feels like everyone has simply vanished-the lights are on, but there is no-one home. The lights really are still on. Or quieter.

The scene before us is fitting, because our transportation for the night is exactly what you want to be driving when four angry horsemen appear on the horizon. Albeit Willys that have been injected with HGH: winches spout from the nose of each, and huge, chunky tires bulge out from the wheelarches, exposing massive suspension kits.

And they do. Ward originally created Icon to meet the demands of his existing customer base, who wanted classic-shape FJ40 Land Cruisers with modern mechanicals, and he and his team then went on to re-create the longer FJ43 and the FJ45 pick-up. The simplicity of the original Willys design-which is durability, longevity and no frills-is just straight forward and helped us reduce our content cost, so we rolled these cars out instead. And the khaki car showcases New School, with 33in tires on inch rims, a bigger cage, and the option of canvas doors and a canvas roof.

Both are pretty bare inside, but the quality, fit and finish is exquisite. Want luxury? Look elsewhere. Total CJ sales so far in ? Well, up next is a Ford Bronco recreation the first-gen, as opposed to OJ-spec , and both Ford and a ten-man team from Nike helped out on the design. Not convinced? Never in my career has the public been more disenchanted with the offerings from the big players, nor more open to hearing about a passion-based product.

It works out great. And then having gone the wrong way, decide upon a new strategy that will see us heading in the right direction: east, towards the LA River and the Sixth Street viaduct, where a hair-gelled Travolta raced his hot rod to impress Olivia Newton-John.

Who cares? By Ben Pulman. Many looked perfect in their day. To each their own, but part of the appeal inherent to a classic is in the vintage aesthetic. Jonathan Ward knows his way around trucks. Mods include four-wheel Wilwood disc brakes with a power-assisted ABS master cylinder, a 3.

For power Jonathan chose to go with a hp 5. You may notice that the ICON Thriftmaster is noticeably absent of typical exterior mods you see on custom trucks, but that was the idea—keep it authentic looking. The Glasurit matte paint may seem restrained for a truck of this caliber, but ICON is all about performance, not bling. LED lighting throughout the truck can be found in the reverse lights hidden in the bedrails, turn signals hidden in the rearview mirrors, and license plate lights hidden into the rear veneers.

The SLR gas cap embedded in the ash bed wood with nickel-plated stainless strips leads to a Extensive custom billet work can be seen in the badging, knobs, handles, pedals, and various other pieces throughout the truck. The custom deco-esque dash may look conspicuously bland, but in an effort to avoid a bunch of obtrusive switches and knobs, ICON has hidden the HVAC vents and touchscreen Kenwood head unit that controls the climate system, stereo functions, Internet browsing, navigation, Bluetooth, lighting control, and just about every other function you can think of.

The gauges are Dakota units modified with some old-school flair. The Glide seat frame was reworked with Tempur-Pedic mattress material and finished in American bison. The door panels, lining of the dense loop-pile berber carpet, and inch custom-designed steering wheel that sits on an ididit collapsible column are also covered in bison. The Dynamat lined-surfaces will ensure you get good sounds out of the full Audison digitalaudio system. Now back to that part about production models.

Options include color choices in matte or gloss finishes, ride height, bed wood, an optional T Tremec six-speed trans, and a normally aspirated or supercharged motor. It can be difficult to improve upon a classic without losing sight of its old-time charm, but we think ICON has done just that without overlooking a single detail.

Luxury and ruggedness don't always go hand in hand, but they converge beautifully at Icon, a company that produces artisan-quality, custom-made rides out of scrapyard-bound vehicles.

Housed at an industrial complex in Chatsworth, Calif. Each one will be transformed, via reverse-engineering and low-volume manufacturing techniques, into a fully customized vehicle. Ward, a self-described "purist geek" when it comes to cars and design, founded his first brand, TLC, with his wife, Jamie, in Ward expects revenue to triple over the next three years.

Wanderlust and a wager inspired the restoration business. Ward took the bet. He and Jamie advertised their services in local auto-sales magazines, then traded their first restored Toyota FJ40 in exchange for design of their original company website. Toyoda had heard about the business and hired Ward to help with preproduction designs for what would eventually become the FJ Cruiser.

And for each customer, bespoke details: like the Wyoming cattle farmer who wanted the farm's brand featured as a design element. It's not just car buffs and Toyota that have taken notice of Icon. Ward has even collaborated on car parts with designers from Nike. With Icon, he's more than proved his classmate wrong. This rig comes with a hp, 5. Expect to get 16 mpg off-road, with the turbo-diesel version getting 25 mpg. It will go an estimated 0 to 60 mph in 6.

Inside are Learjet-sourced sun visors, a gun-safe locking console, and rubber plugs that are removable for drainage. Each of the four seats is coated with marine vinyl; the windshield can be dropped to the hood for maximum clearance. Call it quintessential style for conquering the green hills of Africa-or the back Hannah Elliot October You Got a Problem With That?

The body panels come from slightly worn vintage Broncos, but the rest is all brand-new, including axles from a military supplier and the hp V-8 engine. The cupholders suck. Every moment was a joy. In some cases, even an assembly of great parts can be lackluster, but here it all just fell together to perfection in character and experience. The thing even smells right. Which this is. More of a wabi-sabi style influence illustrated on an automotive platform.

The car and the wabi-sabi aesthetic reflect what seems to be a growing trend in hot rodding: the rat machine and rat cruiser. The most expensive part of building a car almost always comes down to bodywork and paint—what if you just ignored that and concentrated on the rest of the car, even if the exterior was an eyesore?

It handles well and has enough power to do burnouts all day long. The latter two were especially appreciated during our one-hour morning drive and the hour-and-a- half trip home 29 miles. The Derelict has the stereo components to crank, and the sound is great. The stock seats were reupholstered in original materials and are super relaxing, the enormous steering wheel has just the right amount of assist and, unlike in most hot rods, everything works except the ancient AM radio.

One of the things that shocked us the most is that the wind noise is very low, and there are no squeaks and rattles. For three years we had a daily-driver 5. The Derelict, with its hp 6. If Los Angeles drivers think about it at all, they expect to see gardening equipment in the cargo area, not computers and camera bags.

Not this car, and for that we like it. The steering column has a bit of shake in it at about 70 mph. But, most objectionably,the cupholders really do suck. We feel like the staff of Motor Trend right now. We put probably miles on it without a single problem or driveability issue. Jonathan Ward founded TLC back in , a restoration and upgrade outfit dedicated to the passionate 4x4 community and owners of the classic Toyota Land Cruiser FJ 60, In , Ward created ICON , offering a turn key solution for fans of off road vehicles based off the vintage Bronco and Jeep silhouettes, with high standards for performance, aesthetic and custom builds.

With just over units built and sold since , a wait list of months, and a cost of k plus … these rare vehicles are available for a select few. So definitely an arcade kid. I literally got kicked out of the cub scouts cause I asked too many questions. But I think ever since I can remember I was always drawn to design and tactile, I was the kid taking stuff apart to figure out how it worked, and occasionally putting it back together to see if it was still functioning, or altering it and putting it back together.

So cars were just, natural and my dad was a car guy, and my granddad had a tiny tiny small town used car lot and repair garage around World War II in Chesapeake Virginia, so we were somewhat of a car family. So yeah I either formally studied lightly or just being an inquisitive sort, done leather work, tooling, wood working, furniture making, sculpting, mostly painting oil on wood and sketching between all that and being somewhat of an extrovert, cars sort of organically were a realization to me of so many different arts and sciences all together in one cohesive.

And that was another unique challenge, how to address so many different elements in a design language that worked together in chorus, compounded further by my interests in grabbing from aircrafts or military or marine or architectural and making it work.

Cars were sort of the logical ultimate combination of so many different parts of one platform for me. JP: Did you mention your father or your grandfather had a shop? What sort of influence did her have on what you became? My Dad went to the coast guard and then went to law school - he was a corporate maritime lawyer - but always had a succession of cool cars before the money pit called children showed up. So from my travels I became really fond of the Land Cruiser and really grew an understanding of their brilliance and focused purpose and utility and design, down to the last bolt, so far and beyond everything else that I bought one and dialed it in and it became a slippery slope and I kept taking it apart, but it really started I guess, the short answer would have been for my own utility needs, but then the business opportunity I saw when we started.

Jamie my wife and I hated our careers and I had a bet in a business class at USC about supply and demand, that I proposed supply and demand is B. S, if you can control and ideally reposition the supply you can create the demand and turned it into a dollar bet to shift a market in a timeframe, so I originally went around and bought every FJ40, for 6 or 8 months and chipmunk them away and using my resources in my still hobby-budding car-business, started dialing them in and returning them to market to try and win that bet.

JP: So speaking of Toyota, I read somewhere that you had a hand or some sort of responsibility in the FJ cruiser that came out in the mid s, could you tell me a little bit about that?

JW: Yeah, basically with growing the TLC brand eventually Toyota got wind of what we were doing and thought we were lunatics but we started doing some builds for employees of Toyota, officers of Toyota, dealers of Toyota etc, and one day like out of nowhere I got a call from Mr. Toyota but ok, we took the call seriously and he wanted to come down and visit the shop. I was also worried on another level about the relevance of classics in that, I think the market was somewhat dwindling because people had less and less of an attachment to them in their own personal history and you further compound that by dissociation with the archaic mechanical relationship and that further alienates people who would embrace the market, vs.

JP: So looking at the Derelict line, even looking at the ICON line, it seems like a natural evolution, would be to see an electric power plant at some point? JW: Totally with you, certainly. I have been making various approaches to Elon Musk founder of TESLA motors and have yet to talk to him personally and directly, but as of today I would love to be building Derelicts for example with the Tesla S platform underneath it, it would be a home run.

JP: Do you mind if I put that in? JW: Go for it I want him to find out. JP: My final question is, about television, so reality TV has seemed to focus a lot on car restoration and car builders, has that had an impact on your business in any way? JP: How has it affected the demand on what you do?

JW: I suppose the mainstream visibility of custom car culture, we have benefitted from to a certain extent. Unlike most geeks, Ward seeks to perfect them.

The CJ3B shows unwavering commitment to function, from the custom steel frame to knobs and badges from aircraft components machined and enameled by hand. This fantasy CJ lives for boulders and mud, yet some inspiration traces to spiffier locales: Ward spotted the body's powder coating on Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall, and the vinyl for the seats and roof in a suite at Wynn Las Vegas.

Every aspect has been improved, from the thick, box-section frame, to the GM 5. It drives more precisely thatn its utilitarian design suggests, thanks to four-link coil-spring suspension, and the thick cloth top does an admirable job of quelling road noise. The Atlas transfer case and ARB locking diffs permit manual control of torque distribution, and there are tractor-like approach and departure angles. Written by Larry Webster. Wanted What's better than a rugged old pick up?

For us, not much. Unless, of course, that rugged old truck sits on modern underpinnings and comes with upgraded styling. Based on a Dodge crew cab, the D is equipped with a modified chassis and the mechanicals from a Dodge Ram , modified by diesel-tuner Banks Power.

Custom machined mirrors along with updated trim and new tailgate latches make it a looker. That lucky owner has our eternal envy. It is also certain that not everyone remembers with great affection, the grille of a DeSoto, or a Chevrolet Parkwood station wagon, and can be enchanted by the colorful, nuanced character of rust stains on old cars.

He sees great design in vintage vehicles, and has re-created the feel, sense, touch, life to cars that many of us remember only in daydreams, or in back seat memories of childhood and adolescence.

We recently interviewed Jonathan, and asked him about the root systems of his ideas, and how he came to be doing these vehicular recreations, making visions of the past the actual driving realities of today. Jonathan : I came from Maryland… and my education was sketchy. I never quite fit in anywhere.

But there was a kind of car geekiness in my family — My dad and my grandfather always loved old cars. I did some design work on a corporate level, but I always loved to do my own work, create my own designs.

So my wife and I decided to go into business for ourselves. And was in Jonathan : It was more than that — I wanted to re-purpose vintage cars with modern internal parts — sort of vintage on the outside, modern on the inside. I wanted to be true to the original exterior design aesthetic also.

Pursuitist: So you are more of a vintage automobile architect? Jonathan: Yes — as you can tell from Victorian or contemporary homes, the interiors of those homes often have the feel for the period, with colors, textures, materials, and furnishings of the period, but they also have contemporary conveniences and integrated technologies also.

But there is more to this: I have always seen the details of a vintage automobile — the window handles, the nuts and bolts and leatherwork and steering wheel design, are small works of art that enhance and power the whole. You can also see a power train or engine as a work of functional art. It is a kind of art that makes a car move, but with a certain way of seeing, these are works of art nonetheless. Did you grow up being able to fix things?

Do you know how to rebuild an engine? Jonathan: Yes, I can fix things — I can fix things around the house, and fix moderately complex car issues under a hood. The complicated things, well, that is why I hired the mechanics and engineers I have. I can eventually get it done, but they have more evolved skills than I! Pursuitist: Let me know one of the more interesting stories you have done in the rebuilding and revivifying an automobile.

Jonathan: Revivifying is a good word, because that is what we actually did. So, we bought a modern Aston for its V12 and electronics. It is now finally being built — by us, not by them. It will be beautiful… and no arguments!

We collaborated with the original designer, Ercole Spada. Quite the honor. Second, we have a Buick Roadmaster convertible and are running a custom chassis, with a Cadillac CTSV supercharged V8 engine inside, with paddle shift auto, and an IPad integrated into dash hidden under a panel.

Vintage distressed leather interior, Filson canvas roof… Third, we have a F Ford Crew Cab pick up truck, built on a modern Ford Raptor truck platform, appearing stock and vintage at the same time. Pursuitist: And what do you drive yourself? It is one of the vehicles in our line we call the Derelict. The philosophy behind the Derelict models is basically a vintage body structure re-invigorated with a modern chassis and internal machinery. The Derelicts are made for daily use, and their rust patterns — often quite beautiful — remain as they are.

There is a Japanese view taken from a Buddhist teaching called Wabi-Sabi, which means an acceptance of transience and imperfection. This seems to describe our view of Derelict vehicles — a deep appreciation of the integrity of natural objects that have patterns of imperfection brought about by time. Pursuitist: And you have another line of cars, called The Reformer.

Where did you get that name, and what type of vehicles are in that line? Jonathan: My wife thought of the name, and it seems to fit our concept quite well. These are classic designs.

Pursuitist: What are the challenges you face in the creation and modernization of these vehicles? Jonathan : Probably the major one was the aftercare of the vehicle. In the Keyport is an 8G memory that explains every nut and bolt in the car, where it came from and how it fits into the whole car frame and internal systems.

So that if there is a problem, the mechanic — whomever the owner chooses — can see immediately what needs to be done. It has to be said that with all that goes into the car, ten years ago the tech solutions for these sorts of creations were not in existence yet. Now they are. Pursuitist: How do you find Vintage cars, old grilles, old parts? Jonathan : I hired three car hunters who search online and in backyards. We have met them over the years, starting as friends of the brand.

One is an architect in Aspen, another a construction worker in Texas, and a student in Utah. Pursuitist: The general deeper subtexts of luxury are often defined as scarcity, legacy, worth and the reality of perfected craftsmanship. The ICON brand seems to exist within those terms, but there is something more, something beyond showing what you own.

Do you know what else attracts buyers to the brand? Jonathan: I am not sure our buyers are buying our cars for showing off purposes. They like to have something that very few others have. Many have gone through the Ferrari, Bentley, and Maserati phase and have gotten over it. And even though our vehicles are expensive, sometimes as much or more than a Ferrari, they come to us because they remember a car that they knew in childhood, or that a beloved relative had — they loved the design of it, the feel of their remembered childhood when inside.

They seem to sense a remembered aesthetic bond to the design, and they are grateful we can allow them to drive a work of art and symbol of the past that has personal meaning, personal memories for them. I also feel we are creating drivable art, something that outlasts trends in style, and that are built to last for decades.

Inspired by the Chevy five window classic pick up, this modern iteration is ready for adventure. Make no mistake, while the look is vintage, the drive is decidedly modern. From the chassis engineering refinement, fuel injected supercharged aluminum emissions equipped V8, ABS four wheel disc brakes, to the sophisticated electronics, this truck has no peers.

ICON is a niche automotive brand based in Los Angeles, focused on revisiting classic automotive designs in a modern context.

We celebrate the history while infusing the best state-of-the-art content, to create unique daily drivers rich in character and distinction. Otherwise, it comes one way… loaded. The performance and refinement is astounding. Never before has a classic pick up managed such comfort and handling. With approximately HP, there is plenty of power on hand. With Wilwood oversized disc brakes at all four corners, is equally impressive.

The Platform specific Art Morrison chassis is unparalleled in its balance and handling characteristics. Each will be signed and sequentially numbered. For further details, please contact ICON. The wretched Toyopet sold so poorly that by , the only thing that allowed Toyota to maintain an American presence — and let its few dealers keep their doors open — was the jeeplike Land Cruiser utility vehicle.

Tough and reliable, the Land Cruiser — FJ was shorthand for its engine and platform combination — gained a cult following. The big Land Cruiser sport utility still found in Toyota showrooms is a descendant of that vehicle.

A pickup version was offered in The four-door wagon was introduced in Ward says the company tlc4x4. Ward said. A buyer can choose form several engine and transmission options. To avoid having to conduct emissions and crash testing, TLC bolts its own homemade components onto an original FJ frame. So far, it has also sold seven Icons. The imposters are given away only by their perfection; the replicas lack the idiosyncrasies that make humans unique.

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