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read x men comics online free

Also, seeing Magneto debut in their first issue is awesome, even though he is a far cry from the character he eventually becomes. That said, man is the "X-tra power" explanation lame. Overall though, this is an enjoyable issue.

I can't wait for these characters to develop into their more recognizable states, particularly Bobby and Hank, who really strike me as in dire need of developing their own personalities at this stage in this issue. If I were Jean, I would have run out of there really fast. And what's up with people exclaiming their every sentence? It did get a lot better after Magneto showed up, though. Also, Professor X is a bit of a jerk here.

Maidel Says:. Robareid Says:. I didn't really think this was too good. The X-Men just came off as jerks, and Magneto could make ultimate force fields with magnetism? Dopey Says:. I can't lie, I've been waiting for this comic since FF 1. The X-Men have probably been the most influential team in comics for me, personally. To say that I was underwhelmed would be most accurate. Seeing Magneto as the first villain to appear in this mag was pretty cool, and I like how they used most of his powers, barring only the magnetic force field.

The X-Men themselves are nowhere near the team that I know and love though. I look forward to watching then develop and learn. This being my favourite comic book team, I feel that I'm reserving a lot of my normally cynical criticism for the next Thor piece. Sorry for the biased opinion. Bobby Drake is homosexual. I've felt this way for many years. It is good to see that it all started in the first issue. Examine his pole work on the first page. Also note how he is the only one not interested in Jean.

Kirby is terribad drawing profiles. Marvel Girl should give boners, not look like a Rorschach. One star for the first issue and all of its first appearances. One star for the Rolls Royce. One star for the Danger Room. Spider-Borg Says:. Thought this was a good first issue. Professor x sure seems to be a jerk-hole though. Bruce Banner Says:. First issue i was actually looking forward to in the order What the hell is with Icemans' boots?

He looks like how Frosty the Snowman would look if he were a flasher that lost his raincoat. This was a good beginning, but the X-Men have much better stories ahead of them. Stan will get plenty of chances to impart bad science with Magneto.

I remember back in the day waiting for this and Avengers to make their debuts after seeing the ads. I wasn't disappointed. At The Gates of Dawn Says:. X-Men first day of school!

I've always enjoyed this debut even though the origin of each character has not been established yet. Stan Lee sets the premise of the entire series here, however the characters are not well developed; Beast feels like a complete copy of the Thing, and Ice Man I cannot stand!

Anyway a great issue to start one of the most complex franchises in comics! As I'm not a big X-Men fan, I wasn't looking forward to this issue more than I have been other big debuts, but nevertheless it really blew me away. The characters powers here are all unique and engaging, but the best part about them is the way that they really go into battle as a team, something that the FF only managed to pull off last issue. The characters all also have great banter with each other, making the dialogue scenes as engaging as the action.

Good job X-Men! Psychopat Says:. I was really looking forward this issue the one I wanted to read the most besides Amazing Fantasy I really loved the way the basic principles of the team are already set Tarquinnff3 Says:. That was a great first issue. There were a few missteps here and there so I only gave it a 4, but it was close to a 5.

I highly recommend this issue. Yay the X-Men are here!!! Not a bad issue. Professor X is really aggressive and I'm not too fond of how Beast and Iceman are drawn.

The teamwork was very good. Locust75 Says:. Cover Me - Such an iconic cover that has been homaged a lot. I think Angel should use that bazooka more often. That random trapeze sure came in handy for the Beast. Splash Page - What happened to the top of Iceman's ice pole?

Did it stop in Angel's wing? Snowman - I always liked Iceman's transition from Frosty to a true man of ice. Class Act - You know Magneto's got pizazz when he left his signature in the sky like that. Retcon - On page 16, panel 4 Marvel Girl is thinking about never seeing the Proffesor so grim before, after only just meeting him for the first time! I know years later it is changed that they known each other for a long time. Skunkworks - Pro. X uses an thought controlled plane! Take that Area 51!!!

That means it's important! Good start for the mutants. The intro was a little forced, and Magneto's force shield seemed to be working on a little more than just metal, but otherwise a solid beginning. GroovyGolem Says:. Some interesting tidbits in this issue: 1 What's with Iceman's pole dancing on the first page? From the motion lines he's just been twirling around on it.

Kudos to Stan for realizing the need. That would mean he's only in his twenties in this story. Doom and the costume has stood the test of time decades later. Bad planning to have to completely cover Magneto's top half with a word bubble. Huh wha?!? If nothing else, Stan's utter lack of science can encourage kids to stay in school. Overall, a good start, introducing some elements which would be part of the X-Men mythology for years to come, including Magneto's ruthlessness when he feels justified in his cause.

Bramwell Says:. I've been looking forward to this one. X-men was always one of my favorites. Right from the splash page it has a more serious vibe, and the danger room is already working 3.

Slim Summers makes me laugh 4. Magneto is one of the best villains ever. Page 12 panel 1 is epic 6. Prof X is already a jerk with everything timed in seconds Not a perfect issue but pretty darn sweet I'll admit my undying love for the X-Men might affect my opinion on this issue, but I really really enjoyed it. That said, I've got a few complaints: firstly, what is with the Beast? He is so far from the version we know and love, and it's very hard to read.

Secondly, what is with Professor Xavier's teaching methods? And finally, it's a shame to see they still haven't figured out how magnetism works yet. Oh well. I'll give them time. Firebathero Says:. Well since I embarked on reading "the order" starting with Fantastic Four 1, I feel as though I'm reading the comics as they are coming out.

So I will comment on them as such. Even their banter. I'm looking forward to further X-Men comics and to see how each character will develop. Of course the addition of more X-Men to the team and their collective interaction with already established characters like Spider-Man, The Hulk, and Fantastic Four will be a treat.

Naethen Says:. Pretty good origin story. But you can see why the earliest stories have been filled in or retconned over the years. Given recent developments in the Marvel Universe, I find Iceman's lack of interest in the arrival of Jean Grey to be quite amusing.

Carlo Says:. Starts in the early novels talking like a tough guy; but turns into a lover of big words as a defining characteristic. Who would have thought these crazy kids would end up launching a billion dollar movie franchise?

Was excited to get to this one and wound up feeling a little disappointed. Thought Stan did a decent job of trying to stop the sexism letters right away having Grey prove she can take care of herself.

I guess the biggest problem I had was that the poor use of magnetic powers returned. I can find reason to justify most of them other than the magnetic force fields. This plus the thing and torch v2. RobinHoodMtl Says:. And beware the dreadful snowballs! Iceman's boots don't seem to freeze! Show Comments Box. From ReadComicOnline. Copyrights and trademarks for the comic, and other promotional materials are held by their respective owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

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