read original x men comics online free

read original x men comics online free

Was excited to get to this one and wound up feeling a little disappointed. Thought Stan did a decent job of trying to stop the sexism letters right away having Grey prove she can take care of herself. I guess the biggest problem I had was that the poor use of magnetic powers returned. I can find reason to justify most of them other than the magnetic force fields.

This plus the thing and torch v2. RobinHoodMtl Says:. And beware the dreadful snowballs! Iceman's boots don't seem to freeze! I've gotten used to the bickering with the latter, but Stan should avoid repeating the same pattern with the X-Men. But Stan, avoiding patterns? Nah, keep dreamin' kid! When I see Iceman, my mind thinks "Fluffy". And like in cartoons, he makes carrots and buttons appear out of nowhere! Somehow, the ice objects created by Iceman look way more legit than the Human Torch's "solid" fire!

Introducing Jean as an attractive lady sounded somewhat inappropriate for Professor X. But for the younger males in the peak of their hormonal crises, all the drooling was perfectly in order. Well, except for Bobby apparently, and we never saw that coming! For once, the lady isn't immediately falling in love with any of the males and the writers made a character that can kick serious ass. I mean technically, she could do anything Magneto can without being restricted to metal!

Ooh, would you look at that! A new villain who can legitimately sink Stan deeper into magnetism! Stan, ya cheat! I was so looking forward to this series! I'm really not disappointed. Interestingly, the story says nothing on the origin of the members. It leaves room for a lot of character development. It was not perfect, but it had good action, unique characters with cool super-powers, an iconic villain, Iceman pole-dancing, so despite some minor flaws, 5 stars.

Billstar2 Says:. On page Pretty sure that should be "buy" and not by. All in all a decent issue. No aliens or Red Commies.

Calion Says:. He can't be much more than 20! I was imagining that Magneto's force fields worked not on the people, but on their belt buckles, etc. Also that Cyclops' ray couldn't penetrate it makes perfect sense to me. Just like the Van Allen belts keep cosmic rays out, if Cyclops' beam consists of charged particles, it would interact with, not pass through, Magneto's field.

A strong first issue for the X-Men. Let's see what they do with them. KnuckIfYouBuckley Says:. Another first issue and a slew of first appearances and another case of characters not quite being fully-formed - Cyclops is "Slim" Summers, the Beast isn't the intellectual we know him to be, Angel is a blue blood I don't know much about him as a character, honestly , Iceman looks like Frosty the Snowman when using his powers and Jean Grey isn't even yet known by her name.

Magneto, however, is determined to show the superiority of mutants from the beginning. The discrimination angle isn't around yet, so I'm looking forward to seeing that develop and I still at least liked this one, unlike some other first appearances Even taking the historical point of view, and reading it in that context, this is a fairly lackluster debut issue; and inker Paul Reinman best known for work on series' such as THE JAGUAR, for Archie Comics simply has no clue whatsoever how to appropriately serve Jack Kirby's pencils.

Two stars, solely for its genuine importance as a first issue, and for the characters both hero and villain it introduces. This issue feels like a checklist instead of a story. Everyone's powers are demonstrated one by one, and then they have a big super hero fight in the second half.

A lot of the basics are here, but there's just no heart in it. I found this issue ok despite the weird magnetic powers of Magneto but what makes me very angry was "Slim Summers". Musta read this a dozens times over the years. It stands out compared to the rest of the line once I read it in Order. I think it's a great intro to a team and their villain.

Another difference is that there are no commies or aliens. For those of you who are complaining about Magneto's powers, did you read the previous abilities already shown in Order? Get over it. Stan and Jack seemed to be determined to make a new team work.

For some reason, Stan thinks teenagers sell- he has them in all of his comics. Well, this is a TEAM of them. They work better as a team than the FF and have different personalities. Only Ice-Man is his typical wise-cracking youngster. UncannyAddiction Says:. A quality intro to one of the coolest teams in Marvel history.

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