my boy free pokemon sapphire cheats

my boy free pokemon sapphire cheats

Post updated: February 20, December 15, Note: Do not use too many codes at once, doing this may crash your game.

Cheats Pokemon Sapphire. Notify of. Newest Oldest Most Voted. Inline Feedbacks. Why all the cheats dont works?! What the hell is happening?

I am using the paid myboy for sapphire and the wild pokemon modifer is not working. Help please? Maybe you have V1. Cause cheats works best only for V1. Where can I find gen 3 pokemon modifier codes I want to start off with bagon. Adam Nordquist. You may have different Sapphire version? These cheats works best for V1. How do I open the cheats codes? Hey so I did everything that u said and the infinity money will not work?????! Check your Sapphire version, these cheats work only for V1.

Pete McCluskey. Not Action Replay v3. There is no good way to detect v3 unless you explicitly tell mGBA that the code is v3. There are numerous problems with front ends and codes floating around the web:. Many cheat code websites have codes mislabeled or plain wrong, without noting which region and revision they are. But it doesn't tell you this in the UI! Improved cheat-code functionality potentially including a built-in database of codes is planned for a future version of the application.

Note: Masterball will disappear when you disable the cheat, use the next alternative master ball cheat if you do not like this.

Cb60f Bf Then use the Easy Level Gain Code. When Mewtwo is at level , use the Move Tutor code. For some reason, using the Souther Island Activation code also lets Lati s back in the wild.

Just go to its data on the Pokedex and look for its location. What if my question is still unanswered? Item ID Codes V. Berry Slot Modifier X. Misc XV. Southern Island Event XX. Thanks I. Then, fly over to Fallarbor town and go to the Move Tutor's house. Then, save your game. The first thing you do is go enter the codes into your Gameshark Sp device. It might be named diffrently, but click on the first option. As soon your pokemon learns the attack, it should be the one you wanted. Some pokemon can only be evolved by using special stones.

So if the pokemon you want is listed below, don't waste your time trying to evolve it by leveling it up, because it's not going to happen! Go to route and at the pond use surf. Go to the middle of it and use the fishing rod and eventually you'll find a Corphish.

When you can defeat the Elite Four easily, if you have a really weak pokemon, challenge them again. This time have the weak pokemon in your party with EXP. SHARE attached, and the experience from the high level fights will really give them a boost. To get free stones you need the colored shards. Go to the loto store. Save in front of the lady on the right. Talk to her, and she will say something like this: Would you like a ticket? Say yes. She will check if you won. If you didn''t she will say: I'm sorry, you did not win.

If this happens, turn off the game and turn it back on. You will get a different loto ticket number each time you do that.

Repeat the process until you win. PS: the more numbers that match on your loto ticket, the better the prize you'll get. Roxanne: water, grass, fighting Brawly: flying and psychic Wattson: ground and rock Flannery: water, rock, ground. To make the eggs you have hatch faster, you'll need the Mach bike. If you have it, get on it and make sure you have the egg in your pokemon party. Mix records with friend. Go to their secret base. Say yes to battling. First go to Fortree City.

Then go to the next route on the right. There will be a sign that says Fortree City and just above it there is a Kecleon, but you have to use the Devon Scope to see it. You get a Moon Stone in Meteor Falls. You get a Water Stone in the Abandoned Ship. At the start pick Treeko. When you are in the Cave of Origin your Treeko should be evolved into a Sceptile , in the last room, save the game. Get Kyogre's health down to one and use a dive ball.

It takes about 2 or 3 tries to get him. Find Steven on the left side and he will bring you to the Cave of Origin. You have to get a female Sceptile and a male Vileplume and then put them in the daycare to breed. Save and turn the game off, then wait one hour game-time and turn it back on. After you turn it back on go to the daycare and talk to the old man. Hint:To hatch the egg faster get a Mach bike in Mauville and just bike around.

If you choose Mudkip, you can easily beat the trainers in the start of the game. Treeko is the pokemon that is good at speed and atk. It is powerful but weak against fire attacks. Its defence is very low at the begining, but it is very useful to catch pokemon. Go into the Safari Zone and go into the section that has the pokemon you want to get.

Go into the grass or water and look one way, then lightly press the opposite direction. You'll turn, but won't move.

Keep doing that back and forth and you won't waste any steps. If you're having trouble finding HM Surf to get to Fortree City, after you beat Norman, the leader of Petalburg City Gym, go to the house to the left of where there is a sign that says "Wally's House".

Talk to the guy and he will give you HM Surf. This is extremely easy- just leave any pokemon in the daycare, then get the Acro bike. Have your character try to ride up those slopes that you need a Mach bike to get up, since this does count as steps, and each step you take is 4 EXP for daycare pokemon. I recommend just leaving the game on overnight with the charger plugged in so the battery doesn't die, and just push the up button down with something heavy or tape.

First: You give a pokemon an exp. Second: You trade the pokemon that is holding the exp. Third: You put that pokemon in your party's first position, and as soon as a battle starts switch that pokemon with an even stronger pokemon. When you win, the first pokemon gains more exp. This is extremely helpful for raising week pokemon. If you want to get better water pokemon go to Sootopolis City.

Talk to all the fishermen.

Pokemon Sapphire. Copying of any portion of this FAQ is prohibbited without my permission. Contact me at iceclimber05 netzero. Most likely, your question has been answered. If not, I will answer it via e-mail assuming it isn't answered elsewhere in how to watch star wars for free FAQ. It is also Gamboy Advance compatible. Use them at your own risk. I am not responsible for lost data or corrupted games. You have been warned! Is there a code to catch a shiny Pokemon? Is there a way to change a pokemon's Gender? No know way yet for the GSSP. If I catch a Pokemon, is there a way for it to have perfect DVs? The Dvs of Pokemon are my boy free pokemon sapphire cheats for my boy free pokemon sapphire cheats Pokemon even if its the same kind ex. Can I change the sats of a Pokemon? This FAQ is still currently being edited with new codes, so you will see stat changing codes soon. There is my boy free pokemon sapphire cheats problem though. Since Pokemon stats are made very complicated since they hold Stats, Natures, Evs, etc. my boy free pokemon sapphire cheats Walk Through Walls. CE2CCCB2 5D8DD. Infinite Money. 1B3E8B0C-EB Hearts. FB4EF0. Day care(quick level up) DAABA5. AA Eggs. AFFCC14DD7FA. Quick Level Gain. D2F BFFC27DD9. › Cheats. I have the my boy emulator on my kindle fire and now that I've beaten Pokemon sapphire I want to know how to add the right cheats because none of th. Find all our Pokemon Sapphire Game Shark Codes for Gameboy Advance. Plus great forums, game help and a special question and answer system. All Free. My codes are Gameshark codes these work in old versions of Ruby and. Pokémon Sapphire GameShark Codes. Also see Cheats for more help on Pokémon Sapphire. Show by location, All, North Free Daycare: 53E74AAFD. Got a question? Plus, speed up higher than 2x is finally in this version. These cheats works best for V1. Ive tried messing around with it, re watching the videos and checking through but I must be doing something wrong and I just cant figure it out. Want to make most of your Pokemon Glaze gaming? With several items and Pokemon to unlock, players may want a little help to get things moving. Pokemon Stadium is an interesting addition to the franchise. Then you must use Pokemon Glazed cheats. Below is the list of Pokemon Fire Red cheats, these cheat codes are tested and verified working by many users. Home Emulators My Boy! Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Home Polls How To. My Boy! my boy free pokemon sapphire cheats