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make it or break it season 1 online free

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Smells Like Winner. In the end, the girls decide they have to be a team in order to win, and Emily is nominated to be captain. Kaylie tells Lauren that she will be her teammate, but never her friend again. Patrick Norris. The National Gymnastics Championship in Boston has arrived and now everything the girls of the Rock have been working for is at stake. Realising that Steve threatened Lauren's Mom to stop her coming back into Lauren's life, Summer breaks up with Steve but remains by Lauren's side, helping her become joyful in her routines.

Payson discovers that Kelly Parker uses drugs to enhance her performances and throws away her dose of Cortizone. Payson falls during her second bars routine and fractures her back. Doctors cannot operate on it and any more gymnastics would leave Payson paralyzed. Kaylie gives Carter the necklace he gave her, telling him it was over between them. She also gives her father the jewelry he gave her as a Nationals gift, saying how she wanted him to be just her father, not her manager.

Kaylie manages to win the gold medal at Nationals while Kelly Parker has to settle for the silver medal. Lauren makes fourth place while Emily somehow makes the last member of the Nationals team. After Nationals, Leo says that he's moving back to Boulder, and Damon starts to doubt leaving Emily alone while he goes off to L. However, Emily reassures him by kissing him. Part 2.

Payson has a dream that her injury was not anything serious enough to prevent her from training, and that spurs her into being overly complacent about her injury in front of her family and friends. Her parents worry that she's not as fine as she says she is, but they let it go, figuring she just needs some more time to adjust. Meanwhile, Kaylie is given a parade and a hero's welcome when the team returns to Boulder from the National Championships.

Kaylie is overwhelmed by everything especially the new publicity schedule set up by her manager, MJ but she manages to take everything in stride.

Lauren lets it be known that she thinks that Payson should have been the National Champion, which does not go over well with her team mates at The Rock. Lauren is determined to take Kaylie down a notch, so she goes out of her way to get Carter let back into The Rock, knowing that his presence in the gym will be enough to upset and distract Kaylie from her training. Payson refuses to set foot in The Rock again or even call her friends, insisting she has moved beyond gymnastics.

She even suggests that her family move to Minnesota so they can all be together, since they were only in Colorado so she could train. Kim decides that her taking a leave of absence from running The Rock is a good idea in any case, and Summer agrees to take over for her.

Nicky worries that he is responsible for Payson's injury and goes over to see her, but Payson assures him that she never took the cortisone he gave her, but there is still a syringe of it left in her locker at the gym. Unfortunately for Nicky, Lauren overhears their conversation. Eventually, even Kaylie makes it over to see Payson, and tells her that she cannot handle the pressure of being 1 and wants advice from Payson on how to handle it. Payson gets very upset that Kaylie would even think of asking her for advice and Kaylie leaves crying.

That night Payson destroys all of her awards and trophies from gymnastics. Damon is leaving for L. Damon admits that he has been in contact with Razor, but he never told him about his relationship with Emily. The girls are displeased to have Marty back as their coach, so they try to get him ousted. Emily continues to struggle with her mother feeling that when Chloe interferes with her gymnastics she ends up making things more difficult for her. Meanwhile, Sasha attempts to find a new way for Payson to fit in at the gym; Kaylie confronts Carter about his betrayal; and Razor tutors Emily in math.

Summer shows Emily that perhaps her mother's desire to be involved and see her daughter succeed in gymnastics has helped Emily more than she realizes.

Kaylie, Emily, and Payson travel to Los Angeles for a party event making a point of showing Lauren she is not welcome. In California, Emily is reunited with Damon, but he reveals that his California dreams have not turned out the way he planned. Lauren saves Kaylie's career when she rescues Kaylie from the paparazzi. Back in the hotel room, Lauren and Kaylie finally make up. Nicky continues to encourage Payson, and reveals his feelings for her. The next morning, Payson visits a back specialist about her injury, where he assures her that her injury is inoperable and she would not be able to do gymnastics again.

Michael Robison. Emily's performance suffers after she Googles herself and sees that bloggers are judging her negatively online. Payson begins to attend public high school mid-year and clashes with the school's Queen Bee, who does not take kindly to her cheerleading tumbling pointers. However, Kaylie, Lauren and Emily quickly come to her rescue and manage to get the "Queen Bee" off Paysons back for a short time. A girl called Heather tries to welcome Payson but she has no desire to get involved with any school activities.

Meanwhile, Ike, a school outcast takes Payson under his wing encouraging Payson to skip class and offers her pot. At the Rock, Sasha is hosting the annual Open House Night and decides to make it "fun" this year, encouraging everyone to enjoy themselves by dressing themselves in costumes and performing routines purely for entertainment.

Nicky and Kaylie are assigned to do a duet performance, which proves to be difficult, considering they have conflicting opinions about everything. However, the couple soon come to a truce and Kaylie comes up with an idea for their performance. Meanwhile, Emily is convinced by her mom to tell the story of her life through her performance, which results in a little girl asking for Emily's first autograph.

Song featured: 'Matter of time' by Stacy Clark. Payson and Heather enlist the girls help when it looks like the Taft High prom is going down the tubes. Happy to help, the girls are thrilled with the opportunity to be regular teenage girls for the night. Lauren invites Razor and Carter to come along, and continues with her detective work to find out who her father is dating. Meanwhile, Payson's parents meet with a doctor who claims she can fix Payson's back injury with an experimental procedure, and struggle on whether or not they should tell their daughter about it, when she is finally doing so well.

To get The Rock girls recognized as being international standard, The Rock holds a private meet between them and the Chinese National Team. Ellen Beals pressures Kaylie not to compete, telling her she might lose and damage her profile. Ellen also blackmails Emily, telling her if she competes she will have her scholarship revoked after Ellen finds out about Emily's job at the Pizza Shack. Working together, the girls get five medals, more than the U. National Team got in Beijing.

Payson refuses to accept her body has changed since her injury and is encouraged to petition to the National Team by Ellen Beals against the advice of Sasha, who thinks she is not ready. Her petition is denied, and she is heartbroken until Sasha convinces her to return, hoping to revitalize her career by transitioning her into being an artistic gymnast.

Payson, whose previous style emphasized power over grace, is skeptical but comes around and finds herself romantically attracted to Sasha.

She impulsively kisses him, but he pushes her away. The Kmetko family struggles financially with the loss of Emily's scholarship, until Steve Tanner secretly organizes a private scholarship to fund her training, after beginning a relationship with Chloe. Emily's brother begins to have seizures because his prescription has not been refilled. Discovering problems with their insurance and not having money to pay for the medication, Emily steals the medication and is arrested.

Lauren finds the tape of Sasha and Payson's kiss in the practice camera. In an effort to get rid of Sasha and have Summer get back with her father, she leaks the first part showing only the kiss to Ellen Beals and deletes the later part showing Sasha pushing Payson away.

Summer is behind Sasha and does not believe he would act inappropriately. Sasha and Summer break up because though Sasha respects Summer's values, he does not share them. Newly minted national champion Kaylie struggles with the demands of her position and develops an eating disorder.

Her parents refuse to believe it, but Austin tries to convince Kaylie that she needs help. Make It or Break It. Can Emily pull it together on the biggest stage of her life? Can Lauren put aside her anger towards Can Payson get past the back pain and finally beat Kelly Parker on the National stage? Find out in the Mid-Season finale.

Kaylie faces the challenges of being a national champion; Payson tries to come to terms with her injury. The girls devise a plan to get Marty fired; Sasha attempts to find a place for Payson at the gym. Emily still is still unsure about her gymnastic abilities and a broken heart does not help at all. With the Chinese at the Rock and at risk of losing their position on the National Team, will they be able to pull it all together?

Make It or Break It. However, the girls must deal with distractions, intense competition and aggressive coaches, if they want to fulfill their Olympic dreams. Meanwhile, Payson and Max come across a stray puppy while out jogging, and as they try to keep the puppy hidden until they can find it a home, Lauren becomes jealous of the amount of time they're spending together.

Soon after, Sasha announces that Kelly Parker is going to replace Emily on the World team, and that Kaylie will be replaced, as well, since she has not had enough time to train.

Sasha announces that the Rock will host an invitational. The pressure is on for the girls of The Rock. Binge All Three Seasons. Episodes News Episodes News. Season 1 Season 1 Season 2 Season 3. How can we improve? Please give an overall site rating:.

Set in the world of elite gymnastics, the series follows a group of teen Olympic hopefuls as they train and prepare for their day in the spotlight. The show was 9 1 1 season 2 episode 12 watch online free up for an additional 10 episodes on July 27,[1] which started airing on January 4,bringing the number of episodes in the first season to On January 12,ABC Family announced that the show was picked up for a second season, which premiered on June 28, at 10 p. The series finale aired on May 14, A total of 48 episodes of Make It or Break It have been produced and aired over three seasons, between June 22, and May 14, Romance is in the air at The Rock for the gymnasts and the parents ro Valentine's Day arrives, and Summer suggests to Sasha that they should hold a Valentine's mixer at the gym. He reluctantly agrees to this, but disapproves when Summer asks to hold make it or break it season 1 online free lecture about abstinence to the gymnasts. Sasha tells Kaylie that in order to reach frde needed height for her Double Arabian to beat international competitors, she needs to improve her strength. Nicky offers to help her, and the two arrive early to the gym to practice. To secure Carter's heart for her own, Lauren tries to get Nicky and Kaylie together, and insists to Payson that the two have feelings for each other. One night, Carter catches Steve with a woman when they stumble make it or break it season 1 online free into the attic he is residing. At school, Payson receives a Valentine's rose from who she believes is Ike, but later learns was from Heather, the school's perky over-achiever who causes Bdeak pessimistic mindset to change. Tired of Ike's negative sesaon, Payson ends make it or break it season 1 online free friendship with him, realizing that the world is full of so many opportunities other than gymnastics. Meanwhile, Summer returns to the gym one night after it closes to continue to press Sasha to let her do the talk, and explains that although she believes in abstinence she has needs herself, too. Amidst her arguing, Sasha kisses her. Sasha lets Summer do her speech because he said if he could lose control then it make it or break it season 1 online free bound to happen to the gymnasts. Emily is distraught she has not heard from Damon in days, and finds him in prison. Damon make it or break it season 1 online free Razor ae dil hai mushkil full movie free watch online he had bought a mixer he had not known was stolen to record his own songs, and Razor reluctantly make it or break it season 1 online free him out from jail. Without letting him explain, Emily breaks up with Damon. Meanwhile, as they are about to leave the gym, Kaylie tells Nicky that although they have had their moments, she values her friendship with Payson too much than to put it at risk by being involved with him. Nicky tells her that the drama at The Rock is too much for him to handle, and that he has been recruited by Denver, and has decided go there. Later on, Payson invites her new friend Heather and the girls to her house for a sleepover, and her mother is onlihe that she is finally adapting to being a normal teenager. make it or break it season 1 online free Start your free trial to watch Make It or Break It and other popular TV shows and movies including new releases, 3 seasons available Get 1 month free, then. Make It or Break It iTv's channel, the place to watch all videos, playlists, and live streams by Make It or Make It or Break It - S 1 E 15 - Loves Me, Loves Me Not. Watch The Office Online Free Full Episodes The Office US watch online The Office American. You can streaming The Office all seasons and The Office episode. After just three seasons, the series aired its final episode on May 14, PilotJune 22, Season 1, Episode 1. June 22, In the series premiere of this drama focusing on the lives of teen gymnasts who strive to make it to the. Watch Make It or Break It Online: The complete guide by MSN. No Free Trial. $ / Seasons and episodes availability varies between streaming services. Watch Make It or Break It Online: Watch full length episodes, video clips, highlights and more. FILTER BY SEASON S 3: Ep 1 - 3/25/12 Free People still. beyond compare. Season one follows the lives of the gymnasts as they form a team. Make It Or Break It. Season 1. Season 1 Buy Season 1. HD $ Format: Prime Video (streaming online video). Devices FREE 2-hour Delivery. All Seasons of Make It or Break It. poster. Season 1. 20 Episodes | Hulu, Freeform​, & Rent or 48 episodes (%) are available to watch free online (Freeform). TV Shows. While enduring the usual amount of adolescent angst, the teen gymnasts at an elite training facility are also under pressure to be gold medalists. Nick Cordero 7. Emily is worried when she hasn't heard from Damon. My Dead Ex. Season 1 - Week 6. Download Links. Season 1, Episode 7. E12 Follow the Leader 43min. Season 1, Episode Just go to the official website which is Abcfamily. Professional sports can cause irreparable damage, and can lift up to heaven. All of the girls compete for a spot on the National Gymnastics team. make it or break it season 1 online free