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knights of pen and paper 2 free

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It asked me to create an account and then to buy gems once it started, and I was a little peeved but I was willing to overlook this. Then all the room pieces, dlc, and expansions, of which I had purchased and acquired throughout the game beforehand, cost gems, gems that cost real life money. I started playing, and it was fine for the most part, until I took a wrong turn and was completely out of money. I had to fight the monsters there to get money to travel, right?

It's not game changing, but very nice. So here's where it gets complicated and more fun. Each of the classes has four skills, one or two sometimes three of which are passive. This is a fine place to note that skills get an extra boost every 3 levels, so that's the multiple of which most of your skills especially secondary skills are going to be.

I'm also going to give each class an overall rating. This isn't just an average of what their skills are, but an overall opinion based on what they can do, how many different things they can do, and how it all compares to their peers.

I'm not going to mention the Class attribute boosts, as that's not what you're basing your decision on. You're basing your decision on what, exactly, can that new Warlock you just unlocked do. You choose your player and race based on what supports that. That said, most classes have a single target high damage attack, a group target lower damage attack, and then other stuff that makes them unique.

Let's see what they're all packing:. Oh boy, is it hard to not take this guy along in any party. He's your quintessential support character. He's the one you bring along to keep everyone healthy and peppy enough to keep slugging away for hours on end.

No resurrecting, interestingly, but then again Phoenix Feather. He does have a damage skill, which is a mixed bag, but there's basically one right way to play this guy, which is the only reason I ever don't bring him 'cause I have ADD, OCD, and a short attention span and I like some flippin' variety, dangit. Actually, there is a sound tactical reason not to bring him if you just don't mind using potions fairly regularly and want to maximize your damage potential.

Nothing quite like building a team that blasts through almost everything in one or two turns. This lets you restore energy to your compadres, but passively, meaning it happens automatically when you use any of your active skills.

Now, you could make a build without this skill, but really, why would you? This by far the best way to restore MP. The Knight is good for this too, but his skill is only a third as powerful and unlike the Cleric he won't be casting it every turn he does have to strike out with a noble yawp now and then. The Mage and Monk skills are only for their own selves, and there's the Cheerleader Thief when she gets hit, and the Game Room blocking thing for individuals, but they're pretty weak.

Your Cleric is definitely the premier energy boosting specialist. Trick is, seeing as this is passive, you require another active skill for this one to kick in. So which one to choose? Note: This skill does not regenerate the Cleric's MP, which is why you're going to have to rely on MP regenerating Trinkets preferably , or potions, or good old fashioned rest from time to time.

While this is a good and effective skill, it's the least useful of his 3 active skills. The AI in this game is not clever or perhaps just not ruthless enough to focus all damage on one character to wipe them out which is what you'll mostly be doing to the enemy. So the problem with the skill is that it's major overkill healing up to HP max except for the rare times when a Troll gets a crit on you or a few of the boss fights.

But that's what your potions are for. If there were twice as many skill points to throw around this would be a great backup skill for those rare huge hits.

But there aren't. So really, it's a waste, and the other two active skills are better options. Ah, to gloriously be purged of all your sins, through every combat. To live the dream. As far as healing, this is going to be plenty, almost all the time.

Because of the aforementioned dispersal of damage you'll mostly be encountering, even just getting this to level 3 10 heal is enough to pretty much carry you through about level 15 or so. Likewise level 6 will carry you through to level 25 or so, allowing you to focus on leveling Radiance throughout. Max this out and you're healing 80 HP for everyone, every turn.

Hard to kill that team. What makes this SAKA instead of just great is that you also remove conditions from everyone including the Cleric. Even Stun if the turn order is right, although that part won't apply to the Cleric.

If you really want a condition-impervious team you could make your Cleric a Surfer, making him almost certainly immune to Stun, but the absence of a Mind boost will be felt. Better off just giving your Cleric the Stun immunity item if this is important to you. At level 3 you'll be dispelling 2 conditions for the team, which is usually plenty for a bit there as conditions don't stack up much in the beginning.

Later on, with Dragons and Jesters and conditions flying at you all the time, you'll probably need all those 9 conditions removed from your whole team with this skill maxed. This is the obvious active skill choice. So, depending on the situation, this can be pretty devastating.

But it does have significant limitations. The glory here is that even at relatively low levels, you can do massive damage with this. If it does hit with all three bolts, this is the highest unmodified single target damage in the game.

But you might have noticed those zeros. The drawback here is that it's all based on resistance rolls. Even low level bosses seem to resist everything you throw at them almost all the time. So you could easily cast this and cause zero damage. Meaning you'll be looking for the lowest level enemies on the screen and cast this on them, often with a one hit well, technically 3 hit kill.

Which is fine, someone has to mop up the dregs. Except of course if your target is stunned. Stunned critters lack the ability to resist anything, so if you can time it right like, ideally, with a bomb-crazed Ninja stunning the field all the time then this will electrically boogaloo your victim to a charred crisp in the most glorious way the game allows for a spell for a single target Thanks, Ekitchi, for educating us about this in the comments.

One way to try and counter the frequent resisting of this skill is to pour all your points in this from the get go. This is a solid strategy for many Classes actually , but only makes a difference for the first half of the game or so as that's when having this skill at high level can overcome the relatively weak resistances of your enemies and even bosses. By the time you're level 25 or so, it's back to focusing on weaklings, and even so, using your Cleric purely offensively like this is kind of fun but can often make for an unbalanced team and really isn't the best use of him i.

But still, you can legitimately level this a little once you have Radiance and Purge up to a level you're happy with, this is then a good third skill to use when you want your MP but don't need no HP. I'll admit, I have a soft spot for Paladins. For when you wanna play support, but still be someone you'd hate to meet in a dark alley. Although it wouldn't be that dark, because Paladins have a tendency to wear shiny things, have shiny skills, and just be shiny in general.

This game doesn't stray far from the norm, and the Paladin is your basic support tank - although more tank than support. So I'm realizing I might have lied back when I said there were no bad skills. Or, perhaps, just misspoke. This skill, its stats that is, is actually okay. You're just never going to use it. It lets you use energy as health and, when that happens, makes you hurt enemies that attack you for up to 80 damage, which is respectable, if you were foolish enough to max this skill out , and that as many times as you get hit in a turn which, assuming you can survive it, can get up to damage easy.

With a Jock Dwarf your MP will be almost only half of your HP, but if you go with a Rocker Human, they'll be almost equal - so just 1 point in this and then you've come close do doubling the damage you can take, and in the process maybe get one or several free attacks.

That's the glass half full perspective. The glass half empty perspective is that, in order for this skill to kick in and allow you to damage anything that attacks you, your health needs to be all gone. So you haven't made yourself twice as tough, you've made yourself slightly to significantly - if you're that Dwarf Jock less tough lower MP than HP max no matter what , and the stuff that's keeping you alive your MP is also what you need to use to effectively attack back.

So then even with a Cleric and a Knight spending their time regenerating your MP as fast as they can, you'll still need either MP potions thereby wasting a turn doing that , or just have to give up and accept some regular healing to stay in the fight, rendering your investment in this skill pointless.

This is what you call a lose-lose situation. So while you might be tempted to put just 1 point here so you have a backup HP reserve, you're much better off using Lay on Hands as a defensive skill and just not let your HP get to zero which is what everyone else is doing anyway.

This is your high damage single target smashing skill. It's a slightly weaker version of the Warrior's version of this: Power Lunge high Damage and Threat increase. Plus his skill reaches the back row. But, we're not talking about the Warrior here, are we? Well yes, this is where your party choices come in. So if you do want a Paladin, you're not really going to want to bring him for this.

You're going to want him for the next two skills. In no gaming universe ever created does the Paladin not have this skill. It's what makes him a Paladin. The hand that kills can also heal, sayeth Aragorn, and all that. This is essentially like the Cleric's Restoration skill.

It's a little weaker It actually heals the same amount of total HP per cast since, as an added and pretty original bonus, the Paladin heals himself at the same time for half of what the other guy gets.

So he can heal HP with this skill maxed out, with an added HP for himself, or HP combined if he wants to be extra greedy. In fact I'd say this skill is better than Restoration great instead of good after all as it splits up the good vibes. And as mentioned before, you are very rarely going to need all of that HP heal on one adventurer. It can also be worse, where the Paladin needs no healing and your Barbarian is near death and only gets brought up to half health.

But most of the time, this is better. You are for sure bringing this to the party if you brave the world of Paperos without a Cleric, and even if you have one, this is a great secondary skill to fill in the healing gap for the occasional high damage ur mewling little weak Mage gets. Anyone else got that problem or even a solution? Haven't found any info on that yet Nathan Explosion. View All Steam Achievement Lists. Secret Achievements Show Show Hide. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

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