norway university free for international students do need to use Ti based is lead free solder any good to handle it while molten. Incidentally, the addition of Germanium accelerates the process, so SnCuNiGe is also terrible for any electronics you might want to leave in your car or store in your shed. Bridging of a conformal coating between leads of a DIP package is as bad as having no conformal coat at all. But as Luke already mentioned: spot welding on the batteries and aluminum bonding to chip will be the todays best practices. You prefer your handjobs to be leaded? Studies have shown that adding Is lead free solder any good 2 O 3 nanoparticles improves the thermal reliability, mostly by inhibiting the growth of the IMC.">

is lead free solder any good

is lead free solder any good

Parylene coatings are used as well, but whiskers still grow. Of course curl back is possible with any conformal coating that has a high surface tension. There has been mention of the NASA web site regarding tin whiskers. Indeed, look at the content of that site, it is an excellent resource.

Regarding the lead-in-anything ban; it is a knee-jerk feel good effort, not based on credible science. Sorry lemmings, tree-huggers and snowflakes — the lead ban is based on the same sort of junk science used to promote global cooling.

I mean global warming. No, wait, I mean climate change. Is lead toxic, of course, in high enough concentrations; so is water. Did it cause mental retardation and degradation in that historic case of a kid chewing on a window sill painted with lead based paint?

No more than his living in a depressed inner-city environment rife with poor nutrition, violence and drug problems did. And for that, we now suffer the loss of lead from everything, including electronics — which in electronics drives reliability down.

Electronics that they recycle the parts from and sell back to us as new. Ah, the circle of life! Well, that depends. It depends on the environmental impact of the board with lead-free solder, the rate of failure of lead-free boards versus leaded boards, etc.

Unless there is actual evidence that using lead-free boards necessitates an increased production of a product and the sum total of that increased production has a more deleterious impact than a reduced production with leaded solder, it seems clear that the lead-free solder is a more environmentally responsible choice.

I went all lead free for a while, but there were certain parts that I could not place effectively and it was causing my prototypes to fail. So while my production runs are RoHS compliant, for prototyping I use a combination of lead free for simple joints and leaded for difficult joints. Where previously you could forget your cellphone in your car and let it freeze overnight, doing that to a modern device can kill it. I remember this fight well… But my issue with the lead-free was with the decreased reliability of lead-free solder joints.

We were building high-reliability products and ALL the LF reports at the time stated that the reliability was significantly decreased from SnPb solder. Component leads have been lead-free for decades, and ENIG has high brittle fracture failure rates and ENIG was the surface finish of choice going lead-free. Not reliability. I inherited spools upon spools of leaded solder from my father, and I cannot imagine any scenario where I run out and am in a position to purchase more solder that would be lead-free.

I wrote thinking about cobalt in lithium batteries, but I just realized it might be seen as a reference to cobalt A lot of people use very high temperature setting on their soldering iron, so the effect would be there even back in the days when we use lead solder.

I notice that the settings are always at max and the solder tips were in bad shape at the labs I worked in. Forget it if it is a through hole part soldered to multiple ground planes on a thick multi-layer board. I try to avoid the fumes anyway, so that would not be a comparision point. But from practival evidence, when repairing the new-fangled rohs appliances, the temperatures starting having to be much higher, and problems due to overheating the pcb or nearby components have also increased.

In some boards, I suspect the failure reasons are due to rohs smaller resistance to thermal cycles, because many of the faults seem to be cleared when removing the component, clearing and retinning the pads with good old leaded solder, then resoldering the same component ….

And it is in a position that I believe to suffer more from heat during normal operation. Same as with the discussion and persecution of plastic bags : if you use the thing correctly, then it works without problems. If the problem is with too much electronic waste, well, then that should be addressed, instead of creating other kinds of problems. How about some initiative where you can take an old piece of electronics somewhere, receive real money for it, and be sure it will be either repaired and reused, or correctly recycled?

The problem with that is too many devices are worth less in their materials value than the cost of labor required to safely take them apart. Destructively rip apart a MacBook Air or iPhone 5C to get the glued in battery pried out so the rest can be shredded for metals recovery is at best break even. That Act boosted the adoption of Nickle Metal Hydride and all the variations with Lithium, so companies like Apple could continue to thumb their nose at their customers with glued shut products.

We have disposable devices because of economics, not solder. Companies save money by not over-engineering their devices, which nowadays means not lasting more than a few years. There is no market incentive to look at the cost to the environment. Twenty years ago, I remember reading about people working on computers that would be compostable. Now we have to use this meat-glue which dissolves when you look at it funny!

Does anybody have experience with low temperature lead free solder Bi57Sn42Ag1 for assembly? This stuff is very convenient for quick de-soldering, but reliability in a product might be different with the low melting point.

Ammonium chloride, which is only one step away from hydrochloric acid. That stuff did an amazing job, and the fumes from it rusted adjacent steel as well as eating up lungs. We have some that smells like someone just smoked a joint of indoor cannabis… I have no idea what flux it is, and where it came from, it seems to be some very old stuff tho.

I switched to lead free a long time ago. I now use Almit Solder with a bit of silver. For critical joints I always go back to leaded. Therefore I also think the lead vs unleaded wars are meaningless: everybody can just select the best fit for a particular application. Love the smell of lead solder in the morning! It is all I use.

But i always wondered what is the lead content of the fumes, seems like lead would not float too well. The guys in the lab were worried about vaporised lead as well, so we did some research. The flux fumes are a bigger risk, so use a fan.

Smoking is much worse. How many tons of lead extra are there in 50 million tons of electronic waste before and after the stupid change? How much less lead is in circulation because of the change? I have no specific thoughts on the matter. I would just like to know the facts that seem not to be written anywhere that I can find them.

Even when I was doing fine pitch soldering modding some consoles whenever I reviewed the work I never noticed the boogie men spindles which everyone else seems to get if they so much as solder a eBay clock kit with leadfree. A Lada runs on 75 octane fuel — because it was designed to run on Soviet gasoline.

When the EPA test is over, they re-program the car with retarded ignition timing to allow them to run on regular. My parents have items such as a lamp and furniture that were built by my great great grandparents over years ago. They are still functional and in regular use today. I want immortality through at least a few of the gadgets I leave behind just like they have. At the very least, I know I end up re-working my boards infinitely more often than your typical production device.

In contrast, there is zero advantage to switching. And the lead free alloys are more expensive. The only reason to switch is if somebody is forcing you for non-technical reasons.

Any desire to use lead solder should be interpreted as brain damage from too much lead exposure. Sure, go ahead and make your one-off projects with lead solder, and make sure to leave lots of lead residue on your hands so your children can also enjoy the fun.

People, and kids, are more likely to imbibe excess lead from shooting ranges or environmental sources such as nearby smelters, mining operations with ore crushing or from leaded paint. And atmospheric lead from vehicle exhausts was, for most of the 20th century, the predominant way lead got into a person in most of the world.

Lead exposure from home soldering is not a significant health concern — the worry is lead from electronic waste leaching into groundwater. This combination happens when you burn lead with some fuel containing carbon, like gasoline, or gunpowder.

In Flint they changed the water source and put raw untreated water into the pipes, which started corroding the pipes. Point being that water from a river tends to be slightly acidic.

It has to be treated to neutralize it before you put it in your water supply because it would eventually destroy your pipes anyhow, lead or not. GM was using the water in their car factory and complained that it was corroding their car parts — it was that bad.

As a response, they dumped a whole bunch of chlorine in the pipes, which only increased the corrosion problem. The GM plant saw corrosion because the water company was putting excess Chlorine in the water because IRON was being exposed when the anti-corrosives were eliminated.

With the exposed iron, it formed ferroous ferric? The GM problem had nothing to do with acidic, raw, or otherwise untreated water and a lot to do with bacteria and failure to protect the iron pipes in the first place. Who are you going to trust with the health of your children? Your kids are going to spend a lot more. No safe blood lead level in children has been identified.

Even low levels of lead in blood have been shown to affect IQ, ability to pay attention, and academic acnievement. I think the amount of lead you would be exposed to by occasional soldering is relatively benign compared to all the other chemicals involved in PCB manufacturing and repair.

You should consider personal safety for all of the stuff you are handling. Regarding lead, many Europeans are still drinking tap water from lead pipes. It is considered safe as long as there is no modification made to the plumbing due to a mineral crust buildup inside over time. I hope you will have your children watching from a safe distance no matter what kind of solder you are abous to melt.

Flux formulas are no less toxic. This has gone way off topic. Sorry for that. Lead dust sticks to your clothes and on your person, and you carry it back home, slowly poisoning your children.

References EPA. Get a Quote. Online Facility Tour. Units Reworked Today. I thought my technique sucks or my solder wasn't hot enough.

Quick Repy I use nothing but lead free. The joints are stronger than leaded. It takes a bit of getting used to when switching over. A quality solder-station is a must to get the temps stable.

Lead is a poison and a pollutant. Our environment is better off without it. Montez , Mar 11, Lead free sucks IMO, it takes more heat to flow a bad thing and can be problematic in the future by growing "whiskers" and short out the circuit or cause other problems. IMO,unless its all you can get why bother using an inferior and harder to use product.

The Military wont even use it! IAE , Mar 11, Messages: 4, From an environmental point of view, go lead free. Personally not a big fan of it but use it all the time. Like others have mentioned it's a bit different to work with and I find that a smaller diameter is the way to go I think I'm using 0. Getting Started with PixelBlaze. Pixelblaze Expression Docs. Pixelblaze Advanced. Mapping in Pixelblaze.

Pixelblaze Sensor Expansion. Serial WS Driver. Project Gallery. Synthia V2. Hi, welcome to my site! I hope you enjoy them! Should I use lead free solder? Ask Question. Asked 7 years, 1 month ago. Active 12 months ago. Viewed 29k times. Sponge Bob Sponge Bob 4, 14 14 gold badges 39 39 silver badges 62 62 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. Olin Lathrop Olin Lathrop k 34 34 gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

See also purexus.

I spent the morning reading material Safety Data Sheets, because someone on is lead free solder any good internet was wrong! Zach zakqwywho I have immense respect for, posted this thread on twitter and is not wrong :. I switched to lead-free almost a decade ago, and went from being a crappy solderer to pretty decent around real housewives of beverly hills free same time. Suffice to say that lead-free soldering is a skill you can learn, and is plenty suitable for first-time solderers. So I spent a morning reading material safety data god SDS. What if I told you rosin-core leaded is lead free solder any good rosin-core lead-free flux and fumes are the same. I picked up the everlasting spool of Kester lead-free solder Is lead free solder any good bought in and looked up the SDS for it. It turns out Kester makes leaded and lead-free versions of zny same formulation. Indeed, much of the choice in solder seems to be around flux first, and leaded vs lead-free second. Here is lead free solder any good the SDS for the lead-free version, the us stuff I personally use. And here is the SDS for the leaded version of the same. Yes, rosin-core solder creates fumes that are not great to breathe. Giod contains this top-level hazard statement and precautionary statements classified by GHS labels:. Sounds pretty bad right? Compare that to the leaded version with the same rosin formulation. This also creates fumes that are not great to breathe the same fumesplus a bunch soldre really bad stuff because of the lead:. H Soldee cause damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure. Remember leaded paint? How can that even be? You need to run an iron hotter, lead-free solder wire tends to have more flux, and naturally that vaporizes new girl season 6 watch online free little more flux. There is a lot of FUD put out by is lead free solder any good seems to be manufacturers of fume extraction equipment. Is lead free solder any good probably need more. You are still vaporizing the same material. is lead free solder any good › What-are-the-disadvantages-of-lead-free-solder-v. Disadvantanges of lead-free solder: * The flux core in the wire and lead-free fluxes contain harsh reducing Probably a good idea, but is it worth the cost? › › Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things. Lead free solder is generally awkward to work with because it has a higher melting temperature than leaded. Personally I wouldn't use lead free if. The solder must have good wetting behavior on lead-free finishes and during reflow and wave soldering. Fluxes contain chemicals designed to improve the. There is no law prohibiting the use of leaded solder in electronics in the United States, however, some manufacturers require that lead free solder is used on. Mix some lead with a little tin, figure out how to wrap it around a Good lead free solder works almost as well as solder with lead, but the cheap. Lead-free solder alloys have been around for as long as people have There is a good reason why tin (Sn) is so commonly used in soft solder and Both the granularity and number (and size of) any voids in the IMC will. These are in fact also some of the issues addressed during the lead- free What are the key variables in choosing a good lead-free solder wire? By far the flux. Lead-free solder features higher melting point than lead solder. a. Some components such as those with plastic package or electrolytic capacitors tend to be. How do I sync Outlook calendar with iCal? However, American industries are now sharing these views. Lead free alloys will eat away your tip a bit faster, and you will need to clean the tip more often oxide forms much faster on the solder on the tip. I tried fixing mine with a 30W, and I found myself holding it there, then still having a bear of a time rocking it out. How bad are solder fumes? Best Regards. If they seem to be loose, then reapply the heat until the old and the new become one. For more info on electronics manufacturing please check out our weekly blogs. NOTE: Make sure the sponge is damp not soaked with water. Damn that explains why I had trouble melting my solders Does catch do free delivery? Due to its toxicity, most cities moved away from lead water-supply piping by the s in the United States, although lead pipes were approved by national plumbing codes into the s , and lead was used in plumbing solder for drinking water until it was banned in I just bought myself a spiffy new soldering iron, and I'm not sure what kind of solder I should be using. A cold solder joint can mean that there is not a good connection of the component to the circuit board. Share This Page Tweet. is lead free solder any good