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iphone 5s wikipedia the free encyclopedia

Developers can also opt to release the application for free and will not pay any costs to release or distribute the application beyond the membership fee.

Once a developer has submitted an application to the App Store, Apple holds firm control over its distribution. NetShare, another rejected app, would have enabled users to tether their iPhone to a laptop or desktop, using its cellular network to load data for the computer.

The original iPhone has been described as "revolutionary", [] a "game-changer" for the mobile phone industry, [] [] [] [] and has been credited with helping to make Apple one of the world's most valuable publicly traded companies by The iPhone attracts users of all ages, [34] and besides consumer use, the iPhone has also been adopted for business purposes.

Starting with the iPhone 4S, Apple added an accessibility feature to optimize the function of the iPhone with hearing aids. Made for iPhone hearing aids also feature Live Listen. With Live Listen the iPhone acts as a remote microphone that sends sound to a Made for iPhone hearing aid. Live Listen can help the user hear a conversation in a noisy room or hear someone speaking across the room.

This program added support for more than 50 Bluetooth wireless braille displays that work with iOS out of the box. The user only needs to pair the keyboard to the device to start using it to navigate the iOS device with VoiceOver without any additional software.

It delivers both visual and vibrating alerts for incoming phone and FaceTime calls, new text messages, new and sent mail, and calendar events. Users can set an LED light flash for incoming calls and alerts or have incoming calls display a photo of the caller. Users can choose from different vibration patterns or even create their own. The iPhone can enlarge text to make it more accessible for vision-impaired users, [] and can accommodate hearing-impaired users with closed captioning and external TTY devices.

With the release of iOS 9 for all iPhones, users have the ability to choose between two different screen view options. The user can choose to have a standard view or zoomed view. When the iPhone is placed in a standard view setting, the icons are normal size and the text remains the same. With a zoomed view option, the icons on the screen and the text become slightly larger. This enables the user to have a more customized appearance and it can potentially help some users read the screen easier.

AssistiveTouch helps to adapt the Multi-Touch screen of an iOS device to a user's unique physical needs. This can be of great assistance to those who have difficulty with some gestures, like pinch, one can make them accessible with just a tap of a finger.

The user can create their own gestures and customize the layout of the AssistiveTouch menu. If the user has trouble pressing the Home button, it can be set so that it can be activated with an onscreen tap. Gestures, like rotate and shake, are available even when if the iOS device is mounted on a wheelchair. Guided Access helps people with autism or other attention and sensory challenges stay focused on the task or app at hand. With Guided Access, a parent, teacher, or therapist can limit an iOS device to stay on one app by disabling the Home button and limit the amount of time spent in an app.

The user can restrict access to the keyboard or touch input on certain areas of the screen. In Apple began developing satellites so that the iPhone could skip wireless carriers. The models in bold are current flagship devices:. Apple has filed more than patent applications related to the technology behind the iPhone.

On September 3, , Infogear filed for the U. In , Infogear filed an infringement claim against the owners of the iPhones. The intellectual property rights were granted to the owners of the iPhones.

As of October , only the Singapore and Australian applications had been granted. Comwave has been selling VoIP devices called iPhone since Shortly after Steve Jobs' January 9, announcement that Apple would be selling a product called iPhone in June , Cisco issued a statement that it had been negotiating trademark licensing with Apple and expected Apple to agree to the final documents that had been submitted the night before.

On February 2, , Apple and Cisco announced that they had agreed to temporarily suspend litigation while they held settlement talks, [] and subsequently announced on February 20, , that they had reached an agreement. Both companies will be allowed to use the "iPhone" name [] in exchange for "exploring interoperability" between their security, consumer, and business communications products.

Nokia alleges that Apple has been violating ten Nokia patents since the iPhone initial release. In August , Apple won a smartphone patent lawsuit in the U. In March , an Apple patent for a wraparound display was revealed. Around April 20, , a hidden unencrypted file on the iPhone and other iOS devices was widely discussed in the media.

Previous versions of iOS stored similar information in a file called "h-cells. F-Secure discovered that the data is transmitted to Apple twice a day and postulate that Apple is using the information to construct their global location database similar to the ones constructed by Google and Skyhook through wardriving. The file is also automatically copied onto the user's computer once synchronized with the iPhone. An open-source application named "iPhoneTracker", which turns the data stored in the file into a visual map, was made available to the public in April Apple gave an official response on their web site on April 27, , [] after questions were submitted by users, the Associated Press and others.

Apple clarified that the data is a small portion of their crowd-sourced location database cache of Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers which is downloaded from Apple into the iPhone for making location services faster than with only GPS, therefore the data does not represent the locations of the iPhone. The volume of data retained was an error. Apple issued an update for iOS version 4. The "Frequent Locations" feature found in "Settings" under "Location Services" stores commonly visited locations locally on the device.

However, this feature also keeps track of the number of times that the user has been to that location, the dates, and the exact times. Media outlets have publicized instructions on how this can be disabled for concerned users. They can read almost all smartphone information, including SMS, location, emails, and notes. Throughout , prosecutors in the United States argued for the U. The shooters had destroyed their personal phones. The U. The GrayKey, manufactured by Grayshift , can unlock iPhones, even if they are disabled.

We have also never allowed any government access to our servers. And we never will. Apple iOS in combination with their specific hardware uses crypto-shredding when activating the "Erase all content and settings" by obliterating all the keys in ' effaceable storage'. This renderes all user data on the device cryptographically inaccessible. Apple tightly controls certain aspects of the iPhone.

According to Jonathan Zittrain , the emergence of closed devices like the iPhone have made computing more proprietary than early versions of Microsoft Windows. The hacker community has found many workarounds, most of which are disallowed by Apple and make it difficult or impossible to obtain warranty service.

SIM unlocking allows the iPhone to be used on a different carrier's network. Users can set restrictions or parental controls [] on apps that can be downloaded or used within the iPhone. The restrictions area requires a password. The iPhone normally prevents access to its media player and web features unless it has also been activated as a phone with an authorized carrier. On July 3, , Jon Lech Johansen reported on his blog that he had successfully bypassed this requirement and unlocked the iPhone's other features with a combination of custom software and modification of the iTunes binary.

He published the software and offsets for others to use. Unlike the first generation iPhone, the iPhone 3G must be activated in the store in most countries.

The need for in-store activation, as well as the huge number of first-generation iPhone and iPod Touch users upgrading to iPhone OS 2. After the update, devices were required to connect to Apple's servers to authenticate it, causing many devices to be temporarily unusable. Users on the O2 network in the United Kingdom, however, can buy the phone online and activate it via iTunes as with the previous model. In the US, Apple has begun to offer free shipping on both the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS when available , reversing the in-store activation requirement.

Best Buy and Walmart will also sell the iPhone. The iPhone's operating system is designed to only run software that has an Apple-approved cryptographic signature. This restriction can be overcome by "jailbreaking" the phone, [] which involves replacing the iPhone's firmware with a slightly modified version that does not enforce the signature check.

Doing so may be a circumvention of Apple's technical protection measures. In , , and , developers released a series of tools called JailbreakMe that used security vulnerabilities in Mobile Safari rendering to jailbreak the device which allows users to install any compatible software on the device instead of only App Store apps.

Theoretically these flaws could have also been used for malicious purposes. In July , Apple released iOS 4. Following the release of the iPhone 5S model, a group of German hackers called the Chaos Computer Club announced on September 21, , that they had bypassed Apple's new Touch ID fingerprint sensor by using "easy everyday means.

The spokesman for the group stated: "We hope that this finally puts to rest the illusions people have about fingerprint biometrics. It is plain stupid to use something that you can't change and that you leave everywhere every day as a security token. Most iPhones were and are still [ citation needed ] sold with a SIM lock , which restricts the use of the phone to one particular carrier, a common practice with subsidized GSM phones.

Unlike most GSM phones, however, the phone cannot be officially unlocked by entering a code. While the iPhone was initially sold in the U.

Apple speculates that they were likely shipped overseas and unlocked, a lucrative market before the iPhone 3G's worldwide release. Retrieved December 27, Los Angeles Times. Retrieved October 23, September 15, But Still Garbage ". Retrieved March 27, Mobile Syrip. Available here".

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Retrieved November 9, News Limited. Retrieved September 18, The iPhone 5S is a smartphone that is designed and made by Apple Inc. It was released on September 20, There is a slider for adjusting screen brightness, controls for music playback, along with a volume slider. A Flashlight toggle is also available, [19] as is an icon for quickly accessing the camera.

It has three tabs; "Today" information on what's coming during the day , "All", and "Missed". Notifications are now visible on the phone's lock screen, and notifications are synchronized across devices, so users don't need to dismiss the same notification multiple times on different devices.

Users double-pressed the home button and were taken out of the current app for a view of full-screen thumbnails of recently accessed apps. Users can also talk to Siri to send messages hands-free. Siri features a new design where the assistant fades in with the background app being blurred. While speaking, visual vocal waves appear, that form into a spinning circle as the device communicates with Apple's servers.

Siri can now control a limited set of device settings, including Bluetooth. The assistant can alternatively send the user directly to the settings menu if their query cannot be controlled by voice, or otherwise, displays an error if the request can't be processed.

For searching the Internet, Bing became the default search engine, and Siri's web resources were expanded to include Wikipedia. Siri was also more deeply connected into Twitter , offering full tweet search. Spotlight search is accessed by holding and dragging down the home screen. In Settings, users have the option to make custom vibrations for certain types of notifications, [32] turn off the parallax wallpaper animation effect using a Reduce Motion setting, [33] and block callers, with the block applying across multiple devices and apps, including Phone, Messages , and FaceTime.

On the home screen, newly installed apps and recently updated apps have a blue dot next to them until the user opens the app for the first time. Folders are updated to incorporate different pages, similar to the home screen layout, allowing for a significant expansion of folder functionality. Each page of a folder can contain up to nine apps, and there can be 15 pages in total, allowing for a total of apps in a single folder.

There was a problem completing your request. Please try your search again later. Product details Product Dimensions: The most widely reported issue is that the angle reported by the phone's level sensor had drifted by several degrees, which caused the gyroscope , compass, and accelerometer to become inaccurate.

Reports suggested that this is a hardware-induced problem. Some of these issues have since been fixed by software updates. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Seventh-generation smartphone by Apple Inc, released in September 20, October 25, November 1, November 15, All models. GSM model A CDMA model A Design and Hardware of iPhone 5S.

The "iPhone" wordmark on the back of an iPhone 5S is now set in a thinner version of the Myriad typeface. Main article: iPhone accessories. Further information: iOS version history. Sources: Apple Newsroom Archive []. Philippine Daily Inquirer. Retrieved October 25, Retrieved October 18, Retrieved September 18, Retrieved October 24, Retrieved September 12, January 27, Further information: iOS version history. Sources: Apple Newsroom Archive [86].

Apple Inc. Retrieved December 23, Mac Rumors. Retrieved October 3, October 17, Retrieved October 17, October 13, Retrieved December 24, October XDA Developers. Lifehacker Australia. Retrieved September 28, PC Magazine. Ziff Davis. Retrieved October 8, The Verge. Vox Media. Retrieved August 6, Retrieved October 23, Retrieved May 1, Retrieved May 3, I absolutely love the fact that there are no advertisements and your data is not being sold and am happy to make a recurring payment in support of this amazing resource the Internet was meant to be full of.

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It was announced at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10,and was released on September 18, It was succeeded by iOS 8 on September 17, The new look, featuring flatter iconsa new slide-to-unlock function, and new animations, was described by Ive as "profound and enduring beauty in simplicity". The new design was implemented throughout the operating system, including the Notification Center, which was updated with three tabs offering different views of information; notifications visible on the lock screen; a redesigned Siri voice assistant offering visual indicators; and a Control Center offering easy access to the most commonly used features. Reception of iOS 7 was mixed. The new design language iphone 5s wikipedia the free encyclopedia criticized, with critics noting the implementation of design changes rather than actual productivity improvements, and citing examples such as animations delaying access, lack of icon consistency, and buttons being hidden as negative aspects of the user experience. The addition of the Control Center was praised, as were updates to Siri and multitasking. Shortly after release, there were reports of the new design causing sickness, a trend explained as being caused by animations with similar effects as car sickness. User adoption of iOS 7 was fast. A beta release was made available iphone 5s wikipedia the free encyclopedia registered developers after the announcement. The update included bug fixes that allow users to purchase iTunes content with the Touch ID fingerprint recognition scanner rather than with a passcode. Iphone 5s wikipedia the free encyclopedia update fixed bugs that could allow someone to bypass the lock screen passcode, and reintroduced a Greek keyboard option for passcode entry. It also included support for iCloud Keychaina password generator for the Safari web browser, updated the lock screen with a delay of the "Slide to Iphone 5s wikipedia the free encyclopedia text when Touch ID is in use, and many bug fixes. Iphone 5s wikipedia the free encyclopedia update included improvements to the Touch ID fingerprint technology, support for CarPlayand a fix for a home screen crash issue. It also brought iphone 5s wikipedia the free encyclopedia updates for the shift and caps lock keys on the keyboard, refined icons for several iphone 5s wikipedia the free encyclopedia Apple's standard apps, and a redesign for some aspects of the Phone dialer and shutdown screens. With "sharper, flatter icons, slimmer fonts, a new slide-to-unlock function, and a new iphone 5s wikipedia the free encyclopedia panel that slides up from the bottom of the screen for frequently accessed settings", a kid in aladdins palace full movie online free operating system also significantly redesigned the standard pre-installed apps from Apple. True simplicity is derived from so much more than just the absence of clutter and ornamentation - it's about bringing order to complexity. Iphone 5s wikipedia the free encyclopedia has a whole new structure that is coherent and applied across the entire system. iphone 5s wikipedia the free encyclopedia The iPhone 5 is a smartphone that was designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It is the 6th iPhone 5. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation. Apple held an event to introduce the iPhone 5S, along with the iPhone 5C, on September 10, It has the same design as the iPhone 5, but has new features. Secure Enclave[edit]. Does anyone know if the "secure enclave" where the fingerprint data gets It keeps companies from exerting too much control on their brands, and free from editor-bias. be appalling to read throughout an article (​except a comment in the lead), in what is supposed to be an authoritative encyclopedia. The iPhone is a line of touchscreen-based smartphones, designed and marketed by Apple Inc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 4S: MB LPDDR2 RAM; 5 / 5C: 1 GB LPDDR2 RAM; 5S and 6 / 6 Plus: 1 GB The update was free for iPhone users; owners of older iPod Touches were required to pay US$10 for it​. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. 5S may refer to: 5S (music), key signature of five sharps; 5S (methodology), a Japanese iPhone 5S, smartphone by Apple Inc. 5S, the production code for the The iPhone 4S is a smartphone that was designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It is the fifth From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It was succeeded by the iPhone 5 as Apple's flagship phone on September 12, In September Apple released an iPhone 4S for free with a two-year contract and but with only 8. iOS 7 is the seventh major release of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc., From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia iOS was released on January 29, , with a fix correcting network provisioning for some iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Users can also talk to Siri to send messages hands-free. Wikipedia. Download Wikipedia and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. app for iOS. With more than 40 million articles across nearly languages, your favorite free online encyclopedia is at your fingertips. out of 5. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy 3d Full Wrap Case for iPhone 5/​5s Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia at Amazon UK. O'Grady, Jason September 14, It was a minor upgrade to iPhone OS 2. Features a camera facing the user for "FaceTime" video calling and a much better screen and camera. December 7, [5]. Apple Support. September 21, [2]. Current Arthur D. Download as PDF Printable version. Advertising networks not yet using Apple's Advertising Identifier device identifier standard would not be affected, although Apple will require the standard in the future. The 5S has vastly upgraded internal hardware, however. Business Insider wrote that "Apple made a big mistake by removing its smallest and most affordable iPhone from its lineup", suggesting that the company was ignoring customers who are worried about the loss of a smartphone type that is both affordable and small enough to be comfortable to use. This was broken by the iPhone X which only had ten-months in production from November to September , and tied with the iPhone XS which had twelve-months from September to September Giving the iPhone SE an 8. iphone 5s wikipedia the free encyclopedia