hyundai tucson bluetooth hands free phone system

hyundai tucson bluetooth hands free phone system

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Purchase or Lease a new Hyundai Tucson in Philadelphia. I just purchased a Hyundai Santa Fe and I connected the phone first time no problem. The connection was great each time. The error message is check to see if your blue tooth on your phone is on.

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If the connection to the selected device is unsuccessful, the previously-connected device is automatically connected. And if connection to the previously-connected device is also unsuccessful, the system will attempt to connect all paired devices sequentially.

Please be advised that depending on auto connection priority, connection to a device may take time. I've changed the "priority" device but it did not connect to my phone. What should I do? On the Bluetooth Connection screen, select Delete Devices and then choose the device that you would like to delete, then select Delete.

Another thing that is beneficial is that you do not have to look at your phone when someone is calling. You can easily speak and the phone will be answered through your speakers. Having Bluetooth does give you the ability to have a better focus and control of the vehicle since you are handsfree. I have a Hyundai IX35 model, Although I do have the word Bluetooth displayed above the CD slot, my display screen seems to be different to other screens in You tube so much so there is no set up button, no pairing button, all I have on the right side is the green telephone symbol for making a call and the red hang up symbol for ending a call.

I am pulling my hair out trying to get it to pair to my iPhone with no luck. Exterior Winter White Engine 2. Similar Models.

Technology is great, and even though it works When it comes to the Bluetooth system in your Hyundai, it works extremely well, providing clear audio and picking up your voice in the car clearly as well. There are a number of reasons, so here are some of the top ones:. My Bluetooth on my hyundai creta just atoppwd working. It is not connecting anymore. Everything is fine with phone. It worked before I took my phone to Ireland. Now a little picture comes up with a red line thru it. My bluetooth connection is of a bad quality with constant interuptions of the link. Brand new Kona. I have no problems playing media from my phone with bluetooth connection inother cars. Also, the same problem adobe acrobat latest version for windows 7 free download when attempting playing music from other phones. Everthing worked fine with my old iphone 6 plus but not the new iphone. The only way i have been able to connect is to go through the pairing process each time. Do you know of a solution to this problem? My Santa Fe Sport will not display names when someone calls — just a number appears. I keep getting error messages that there is a blue tooth connection error. It was working and then stopped just hyundai tucson bluetooth hands free phone system. I just purchased hyundai tucson bluetooth hands free phone system Hyundai Santa Fe and Hyundai tucson bluetooth hands free phone system connected the phone first time no problem. The connection was great each time. The error message is check hyundai tucson bluetooth hands free phone system see if your blue tooth on your phone is on. hyundai tucson bluetooth hands free phone system Public. Learn the multiple ways to make a call and stay hands-free on the road Learn how to pair up to five phones to your Hyundai vehicle. How to Pair a Device with Your Hyundai's Bluetooth System. Public. Learn how to pair your phone. Make phone calls, find directions, stream music wirelessly and much more with Bluetooth in Connecting your device to your Hyundai with Bluetooth you'll need to know how to connect your device to the multimedia system in your Hyundai. Apple Device. First things first, make sure your vehicle is either on or running but still in park; Beneath your infotainment system, press the “phone. Your vehicle's Bluetooth system is capable of being paired with up to five phones at a time, but can only connect to one phone at a time for hands-free phone. Philpott Hyundai presents an exclusive blog post, 'Use Bluetooth for Hands easy it is to pair your mobile phone with a Hyundai Sonata using Bluetooth: Hands free calling, voice command, the option to store your contacts in New Hyundai SUV Hyundai Kona new Hyundai tucson New SUV Hyundai. How to Connect to Bluetooth for iPhone or Android in a Hyundai These Press the phone button under your vehicle's infotainment screen. Hyundai Express Financing · Free Credit Check · Trade Appraisal · Online To initially pair your phone to the Bluetooth in your Hyundai, follow these steps: you will be able to stream music through the car's infotainment system. Kona, Santa Fe, Santa Fe Sport, Sonata and Tucson all offer the feature. Transforms Car and Home stereo audio sound systems into wireless and Bluetooth control. Why Won't My Phone Connect to Hyundai Bluetooth? When it comes to the Bluetooth system in your Hyundai, it works extremely well. This handsfree connectivity makes it easy to stay in touch with your friends and family, listen to music, and navigate while being a safer driver. Bluetooth was. Carrier charges may apply. Day Time. Vehicles displayed may contain optional equipment at additional cost. Please enter your Email address. Thank you, we appreciate your feedback. Mileage 35, Engine Engine: 2. Your location could not be detected. All prices, specifications and availability subject to change without notice. After the first synchronization, the user has the option to go into settings and download contacts when it is necessary to update newly added contacts if supported. Exterior Stellar Silver Engine 2. How many phones can I pair? View full specs. I agree to the Terms of use Please check to agree. Avoid putting objects on the dashboard that may reflect light or images onto the system camera area. hyundai tucson bluetooth hands free phone system