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e Nor Carolina native has uncovered many historic trinkets wi his metal detector, including a British musket ball dating back two centuries. A man wi a metal detector has found a long. 16,  · Musket balls are one of e earliest forms of bullets at are fired from muskets and rifles. eir origins date back to e 15 century, when handgonnes were first being used. Archaeologists and metal-detecting en usiasts have discovered em all over e world. Apr 07,  · In order to identify if you found a musket ball wi your metal detector, you have to do a few ings. First, you need to feel e weight of e ball in your hand. Au entic musket balls are heavy for eir size. Second, as Daniel suggests, check for standout characteristics, such as an offset mold seam, due to e crudeness of 18 century molds. You can also look for clipped off lead, which . Metal detecting forum group including shop, clubs, rallies, is ere anyway of dating a musketball? heres 1 at i found. MDF Metal Detecting. Metal detectors & accessories resource: a friendly forum to discuss all your detecting needs and promoting responsible metal detecting for all. Skip to content. Analyzing Musket Balls to interpret a Revolutionary Site DANIEL M. SlVlLlCH ABSTRACT During a Sunday outing in 1992, e Deep Search Metal Detecting Club collected a small number of Revolutionary musket balls at a county park in New Jersey. Two areas of artifact concentration were generally recorded and park officials were notified. Metal detecting adventure along e river, searching for and finding muskets balls. Plus I find a hatchet, artillery hammer, and some o er neat river trea. Metal detecting guide, metal detector brands, clubs, rallies including Bottle Digging and fossil collecting. Musket Balls - MDF Metal Detecting Good Evening All, I have found quite a few musket balls since i have been detecting, but what im wondering is can anyone identify what type of musket a certain. 27,  · Dating Ball Mason Jars – Identifying and Dating Ball Canning Jars. Home Finds & Metal Detecting Journal Civil Musket Wipe Tool / Musket Worm Tool. Ad-winning metal detecting expert involved in adventures roughout e USA (but mostly in Kentucky,) Scott Clark is a frequent presence in Archaeology projects around e. Apr 19,  · I just wouldn't go checking musket ball off your list of finds just yet Fisher F2, Garrett Pro-Pointer, Lesche digging tool, Lesche Ground Shark Newbie: Silver (1), ring (1), oldest coin (1904 V . 14,  · Details about Metal Detecting Finds Musket Balls See original listing. Metal Detecting Finds Musket Balls: Condition: not specified. Ended: 14 , 09:48:44 BST. Winning bid:21.22 [ bids] No additional import charges on delivery. is item will be sent rough e Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking. 30,  · Metal Detecting For Coins & Relics . Musket Balls Sign in to follow. Followers 0. Musket Balls. By 1515Art, 26, in Metal Detecting For Coins & Relics. I did find a tool at makes musket balls several years ago. It's likes a pair of pliers, but in reverse. Squeeze it and pour e lead into it and en open it to get e ball out. MDF Metal Detecting. Cavalry and musketballs often employed e much scottish aluminum as eir firearm. It is often e case at analysis of bullet types can tell us about e range of different soldiers present at a scottish dating. One of e most important aspects of lead bullet analysis is knowing where e ball has come from. 16,  · At first Dr. McBride and Mr. Naumec tried to do some metal-detecting emselves on e battlefield in 2008. We figured it wasn’t rocket science, he said. But ey learned at while it’s not hard to find a dime lying on e floor, it takes years of practice to recognize e sound of a musket ball eight inches underground and en. And if you place a musket ball next to a lead shrapnel ball, you will see e following differences: 1) in eir color - a shrapnel shot is always of grey-bluish color while e old musket balls have ei er e dark- or light-brown patina, 2) musket balls are not as smoo as e shrapnel balls and 3) e shrapnel balls are perfectly round. Metal detecting has been around for around years, and has rapidly become a very popular hobby and pastime. Wi treasure seekers and history en usiasts everywhere, e hobby has become a great way to keep fit, make some extra money, meet friends and unear e history benea our feet. Casting lead musket balls wi scrap lead at I've dug up from metal detecting. e moulds are 14mm and we'll try some soldiers and a dog next time. Some . 27,  · e coin is e oldest Houston has found over his ade of metal detecting. He said it was found near iron nails at he likes to collect, e newspaper reported. Houston estimates e value of e penny, which is e size of a contemporary half dollar, is about $200 but he doesn’t plan to sell it. Note for Metal Detectorists and Collectors: Discuss plans for detecting finds before your detect. On private hunts, leave all finds and copies of your notes at e property, including GPS coordinates, dep, photographs, etc. in case it can assist future Archaeological work. Feb 16,  · e image above right shows e musket balls found, e main group top left are all for e Brown Bess calibre of musket, about l l bore or 0. 75 inch. is was in use up to e middle of e 1800s and gives us e early date for e military use of e land. Musket Ball Could Be by: Frank Chuck anks for e post. at musket ball could be Revolutionary era. We have found many of e same type at Revolutionary sights in e NE. ey vary in size, and in metal content. Different metals were used because of e scarcity of . Musket balls. Musket balls are manufactured by pouring molten lead or ano er alloy into a two part single or a multiple cavity mould. e casting sprue is cut close to e ball and any flashing around e mold seam is removed. Mold seam - a in line around e circumference of e musket ball. 26,  · EMBDEN, Maine — A man wi a metal detector has found a long-hidden, 222-year-old coin under a few inches of soil outside a church in Maine.Shane Houston, of Charlotte, Nor Carolina, was on a metal-detecting trip wi a friend from New Hampshire when he found e coin earlier is mon, e Bangor Daily News reported.. e copper penny, dated 1798, comes from e first ade . is is a musket ball mold of a plier design. It was used to press a musket ball to e proper size calibre. e press end is hollow and rounded wi a hole at one end for pouring in molten metal and e handle is curved. Muskets Balls. ese musket balls were found at one of Niagara’s battlefield sites. It appears, due to eir deformation, at ey have been fired from a musket. Dating Musketballs – . Part I - Metal Detecting at e Swedish Tavern Site, page 15 Recovering Musket Balls My next find was a musket ball - a usual find at any tavern site. Taverns were frequented by soldiers all e time during any time period, whe er it was or peace. 30,  · e top metal detector for relics should have low frequencies and excellent pinpointing controls so you can quickly focus in on e exact area where you need to dig. Top 5 Metal Detectors for Relic Hunting. ere are endless options when you are shopping for metal detectors, but quality is key when you plan to hunt for relics. 20,  · Detected in a woods years ago when I first started detecting, had never found a musket ball, was really pleased when I found my first one An hour and Twenty musket balls later, I was sick of em Turned out ere was a local militia based on e high . Dating Musket Balls Metal Detecting, speed dating near burton on trent, how to write a dating profile headline by line, dating wh grindley. 16,  · NEW LONDON, Conn. — Kei Wille was metal detecting in e woods of Connecticut a few years ago when he found a triangle of brass about two-and-a-half inches long wi a . Most of e musket balls I find are from civil battles. I personally find em just as interesting as e minnie balls. Shots fired at Americans, by Americans. Original Poster 2 points. 6 mon s ago. First two years of my detecting career I was hoping to find a musket ball.. Now I have found too many:D. 03,  · Mass graves, musket balls and metal detectors ey found a treasure trove of artifacts, including a 3-pound Hessian cannonball, a shoe buckle, musket balls, grapeshot and a . 04,  · e ‘good stuff’ includes an old (and very blunt) axe head, e aforementioned musket balls, a gold engagement ring and more. I found a pocketknife – an obscure German brand, he says. I wish I could open it, but it’s rusted shut. Mutch says e detecting is some ing fairly new for him. I got permission to hunt an early 1800s farmhouse in Smi sburg. Cannon balls Full Article Metal detecting e surface. We at e ball is a date ese or minie. Send message. material – clay pipe stems found at best. Z2272 original, eir origins date in my next find any ing on which would be bought from ober 5, which. I've got a series of is musket ball . 27,  · e excavation had already yielded big finds. Recently, in just half a day, e group found 58 musket balls in a cornfield, and ey have since found dozens more wi metal detectors. 03,  · John Fallon, a Woodbridge native, recently used a metal detector to unear a penny minted in 1787. He also uncovered a Revolutionary -era musket ball on a . Somebody was making musket balls! All found wi in a meter of each o er. Close. 17. Posted by 8 hours ago. Somebody was making musket balls! All found wi in a meter of each o er. 1/2. Lead slag and a sprue from casting musket balls. 8 comments. share. save hide report. 95 Upvoted. Feb 22,  · Metal Detecting an Old Fort Site – Found Artillery Buttons, Buckle, and Musket Balls! Detecting on YouTube / nugget noggin / Video 22 Feb Nugget Noggin Read More on is Site. 1827 MUSKET BALL & 1889 HALFPENNY FOUND: WESTERN AUSTRALIA and one of only seven similar gold cups, found in Europe, dating to between 1700 and 1500 BC. e British Museum paid $520,000 to be shared between e finder & land owner. by e end of e trip I had 177 metal detecting ‘Hits’ on coin totalling $147.14. Apr 07,  · After striking out on e water, I ought at I might have better luck on terrafirma. Shotgun cases woo hoo! I en ided to hunt near a giant of an oak tree, every bit o 0'' rough. Hoping for some ing good, I got a good deep hit. At around 11'' out popped a very large musket ball at measures.690.695. A metal detecting adventure. Ninja Flex: our favorite gloves: Popular Articles. My oughts on e Equinox Metal Detector 800 after 50 hours A Review Roosevelt Dime Key Dates, Errors and Values Measuring, Identifying and Collecting Dug Civil Bullets Why Metal Detect a Farm Field?. 25,  · 65 musket balls recovered from a single metal detector hit/shovel test! e speculation is at it might represent a lost ammo pouch. Not sure how previous surveys missed is!Views: 1.1K. 11, 1995 · While e boat was en route, Ms. Langley said, e men continued to search wi a metal detector and dig objects from e bottom. One man insisted to . Lead musket ball. Cast ball wi a circular dimpled ingate where lead was poured into a bullet mould. Patinated, wi triangular indentations in its surface which might suggest is has been gnawed by rats or a small child. e mass, at over an ounce, suggest is was for use wi a smoo bore muzzle loading firearm of military specification. 22,  · Houston was on a metal-detecting trip wi a friend from New Hampshire when he found e coin. On e same trip, he also found an 1818 penny, a full wagon wheel and a musket ball. 20,  · Some of my best beach and shallow water metal detecting finds have come from hunts were I recovered multiple lead targets first. I recovered a handful of early 1800s lead musket balls before finding my 1836 gold half eagle coin. Successful transactions wi : MICHAELDIXON, Manorcourtman, Bochiman, bolivarshagnasty, AUandAG, onlyroosies, chumley.

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