angularjs interview questions and answers for experienced pdf free download

angularjs interview questions and answers for experienced pdf free download

Ans: The following are two types of forms in Angular Template-driven forms: All validations, controls, and logics are written in the template part.

Reactive Forms: It uses an immutable and implicit approach to handle the state of form at a given point. Angular 8 supports unique and new features including angular material, CLI, and core framework. Dynamic imports for lazy routes: Angular 8 uses standard dynamic import syntax so the syntax is customized to Angular.

Ans: Bazel is a new feature in Angular 8 and it builds a new system that available for a short period of time. It provides a platform to make your frontend and backend with a similar tool. Ans: Angular 8 has advanced and unique features that make sure systematic workflow and performance improvements.

It has apparent features like CLI workflow implementation, differential loading, Bazel, Ivy rendering, and dynamic imports for lazy routes. Ans: The following are the main features of Bazel:. Ans: Angular 8 introduced a number of new and unique options to runGuardsAndResolvers. In general, runGuardsAndResolvers is an option which is used for the Angular router configuration in order to control the resolvers and guards.

Through, this option router will re-run the guards and resolvers. Whenever you want to control over the resolvers and guards, use runGuardsAndResolvers option in Angular 8. We tried to cover all the important questions and hope that this article has helped you to understand the Angular interview questions from basics to advanced level.

This list of Angular interview questions and answers will help you to clear any Angular interview confidently and successfully. Please comment us in the below section if we missed any Angular Question that you faced in the interview. Our team will help you to know the answer. It uses JavaScript to build the application. It uses TypeScript to build the application.

It is based on hierarchy components. It is not a mobile-friendly framework. It is a mobile-friendly framework. It is difficult to create SEO friendly application development. It is easy to create SEO friendly application development. Angular 2 works on the server-side and client-side. It initializes the application by using ng-app and bootstrap functions. Angular initializes the application by using a boostrapmodule function. Feature AngularJs Backbone. It also provides impactful performance than AngularJs for small pages, but for large pages, it is not preferred as it does not offer any data binding.

Templating To understand the application at the function level, AngularJs offers templating through the dynamic HTML attributes which are added to the document.

BackboneJs provides an underscore template which is not fully featured as angularJs templates. Testing It prefers unit testing for large applications. It prefers swift testing for small or single-page applications.

Support AnuglarJs has extensive documentation libraries and large community support. BackboneJs also have great community support. AngularJs is a bit complex than BackboneJs because it implements two-way data binding.

BackboneJs is simple because it does not provide data binding. Number Formats a numeric data as text with comma and fraction. Currency Formats numeric data into specified currency format and fraction. Date Formats date to a string in the specified format. Uppercase Converts string to uppercase. Lowercase Converts string to lowercase. Filter Filters an array based on specified criteria and returns a new array.

Subscribe to our youtube channel to get new updates..! Hook Purpose and Timing ngOnChanges This method accepts a SimpleChanges object of previous and current property values and retorts when Angular resets the data-bound input properties — called before ngOnInit more than one data-bound input properties change.

Called ngOnchanges method. This method called during the changes and after ngOnchanges and ngOnInit methods. It is called after ngAfterContentChecked method. Angular Certification Training! Explore Curriculum. Angular2 is an extensible framework and it is completely component-based. This book covers the basic and advanced concepts of Angular in a descriptive way with a lot of code examples. These questions have been divided as per levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Comprehensive, community-driven list of essential AngularJS interview questions. AngularJS process the template in another way. It uses two-way data binding between the model and view to sync the data. What is data binding? Explain two-way data binding? Answer: 1. Data binding means automatic synchronous of data between model and view components. AngularJS supports two-way data binding, it treats the model as a single source of truth and view is the projection of the model.

It means when we change model view gets to reflect and vice-versa. In the traditional concept, HTML pages are decided by interacting with server-side program and as we using single page application, pages are decided without any server-side interaction.

So required part of the page will be updated. Which is the core module in AngularJS? Explain factory methods in AngularJS? Answer: Factory methods are used for creating a directive. It can be invoked only once that is when compiler matches the directive.

This should be present in the same path as the main HTML page. Back to top. What Is Data Binding? Answer: Data binding is the connection bridge between view and business logic view model of the application.

Data binding in AngularJs is the automatic synchronization between the model and view. When the model changes, the view is automatically updated and vice versa. AngularJs support one-way binding as well as two-way binding.

What are typings in Angular? Answer: Typings is a way of installing the Typescript definitions using typings. What are module loaders in Angular? Answer: Module loaders in Angular are used to bundle different modules that contain their dependencies along with angular components into one bundle or multiple bundles For lazy loading and load them in the browser.

What is the use of systems? How is webpack better to use in Angular? In angularJS, a module is a process to group directives, and services components that are related. It arranges them in a way that they can mix with other modules to create an application. In angular, pipes provide a simple method to transform the data. It takes the values like arrays, integers, data, and strings as input and divided with pipe symbol. It converts the data in the required format.

Pipes displays the same thing in the browser. In angularJS, it provides some in-built pipes, but developers can also develop their own pipes. It allows you Displaying repeated information Sometimes we may be required to display a list of items in the What is Angular JS?

AngularJS was created by Misko Heavery. He had built a framework to handle the What is React JS? React is a Javascript library developed by Facebook which allows you to build UI Home Testing. Must Learn! Big Data. What is Angular Expression? How Angular expressions are different from JavaScript expressions?

What is compilation process in Angular? What is scope in AngularJS? What are controllers in AngularJS? Can we have nested controllers in AngularJS? What are different ways of bootstrapping AngularJS? What does SPA Single page application mean? How can we create a custom directive in Angular?

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The only way to profit through a campaign such as this is with constantly updated content, but do you have the time? Very nice post here and thanks for it. I always like and such a super contents of these post. Pages Home. What is deep linking in AngularJS? Deep linking allows you to encode the state of application in the URL so that it can be bookmarked. The application can then be restored from the URL to the same state. In fact it provides you limited features or functions of jQuery.

By doing so, Angular will skip jQLite and will started to use jQuery library. Server side authentication and authorization is must to keep an application secure. At the highest level, Angular does look like just another templating system. But there is one important reason why the Angular templating system is different, that makes it very good fit for application development: bidirectional data binding.

The template is compiled in the browser and the compilation step produces a live view. This means you, the developers, don't need to write code to constantly sync the view with the model and the model with the view as in other templating systems. Above are the interview questions and answers of AngularJS most asked at job interviews.

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When the model changes, the view reflects the change and vice versa. AngularJS was designed to highlight the power of dependency injection, a software design pattern that places an emphasis on giving components of their dependencies instead of hardcoding them within the component.

For example, if you had a controller that needed to access a list of customers, you would store the actual list of customers in a service that can be injected into the controller instead of hardcoding the list of customers into the code of the controller itself. In AngularJS you can inject values, factories, services, providers, and constants. I whereas as the scope is used for directive linking.

Angular expressions are written inside two curly braces. Angular js supports all standard HTML5 attributes to validate input. Below are few built-in validators in Angular js.

Angular uses these prefixes to prevent accidental code collision with users code. In angular Directives are used to extend the attributes of Html elements. Creating custom directive in Angular js. Angular js Directives are restricted to element and attribute and created using a directive function. Here is sample code to create a directive in Angular js. As Above directive is restricted to Element directive, so you can use this directive as an element only.

Angular form validation and ng-pattern directive can be used to validate the email and phone number in Angular JS. Compile function : To template DOM manipulation and to gather all the directives, the compile function is used.

Caching can be enabled by setting the config. In case you want to cache all the responses, then you can set the default cache value to TRUE. And, if you want to cache a specific response, then you can set the config. In case the expression is assigned to ng-if, it evaluates to a false value, and then the element is deleted from the DOM tree, or else a clone of the element is reinserted into the DOM.

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