Magix music maker free sound packs asks Amber if she could spend the day with him racing go carts, but as she accepts his invitation, she accidentally blurts that she loves him, which Jonah does not pick up immediately.">

andi mack season 2 episode 1 watch online free

andi mack season 2 episode 1 watch online free

Itunes Store. Watch with Watch on Disney Watch Now. Upon hearing that, Andi feels regret that she caused Bex to leave. Bex tells Andi that her decision was for the best as she wanted her to be happy, and Celia is thankful for the sacrifice Bex made. Meanwhile, Jonah teaches Cyrus how to skateboard, but Cyrus' inability to control the skateboard leads to his going to the hospital. Buffy becomes a friend to her neighbor Millie through a community service project she is doing for school.

Later, Celia reveals to Bex that the clean-out was about more than their opportunity to reconcile about that day 13 years ago. She plans to sell the house and leaves it to Bex to tell Andi, news which will devastate her particularly because of Andi Shack.

Bex delays mentioning it to Andi. After overhearing part of a phone conversation Amber is having with her father, Andi decides to spend time with her by inviting her to a sleepover.

Having warned Andi before about Amber by comparing her to a snake in one story, Buffy relays another story to Andi about a frog and a scorpion, and compares Amber to the scorpion—leading to the term "snorpion". At the sleepover, Amber tells Andi that her father lost his job, which is why she is working at The Spoon. With Andi enjoying Amber's company, the two decide to sneak out to an amusement park, where Amber convinces Andi to ride the Ferris wheel. When Amber sees a call from Jonah on Andi's phone, she becomes furious and leaves Andi stranded.

This lands Andi in police custody, and Bex and Bowie are left to discipline her after they get home, though Andi ends up deciding her punishment when they cannot come up with one.

Meanwhile, Buffy is upset over her teammates not giving her the ball during a basketball game. When she confronts TJ about what she needs to do to change this, she realizes he simply does not want her on the team at all.

Also, Bex is working toward her cosmetology certification. Her makeup skills also help Andi fool Amber by thinking that Andi injured herself trying to get down the Ferris wheel. Andi is nervous about holding hands with Jonah at school, but just as she is about to, the principal, Dr. Metcalf, splits the students into two separate groups, with Andi and Cyrus in group A, and Buffy and Jonah in group B. When Andi figures out that her group has luxuries while Jonah's group struggles over what they are dealt, she decides to switch groups and encourages the rest in her group to do the same, despite Dr.

Metcalf's order for the two groups to stay separate. After chaos ensues in the cafeteria over cookies, Dr. Metcalf ends his exercise, getting across to the students that what group they belong in does not give them any advantage or disadvantage. He also asks them how he decided what group they went to, and while Andi contends it was random, she realizes his selections were alphabetically based.

The school day ends with Andi and Jonah both holding hands, though Jonah admits having sweaty palms like Andi. When Andi returns home, Bex finally tells her that Celia and Ham are selling the house. The news devastates Andi, prompting her to return to Andi Shack.

To help Andi take her mind off of Celia and Ham's plans to sell the Mack house, Jonah asks her on a date by inviting her to a virtual reality arcade. Buffy is also invited, but she brings Marty with her so she does not feel like a third wheel, making the occasion a double date, even though the two are not really dating. During his virtual reality adventure, Jonah slips and gets hurt. When Jonah refuses Andi's aid, she worries that he is upset with her after she briefly laughed at his mishap.

Andi continues to worry and feels Jonah is avoiding her when she later gets no response to her texts. Despite Jonah denying that he is upset with her after she asked him twice, Andi turns to Bex, who tells her to ask a third time. Andi becomes frustrated waiting for Jonah at school, but when she finally has the chance, she trips and falls as she approaches him to ask the question again. Jonah briefly laughs but assures Andi that he is not upset with her.

Meanwhile, Buffy feels comfortable being just friends with Marty but finds out he wants more in their relationship. Also, Cyrus asks Bex for her opinion about a screenplay he has written, but Bex's hesitation to tell him the truth about the script has him setting his sights on making the movie.

Andi decorates her shack with numerous paper cranes , hoping Celia and Ham will notice and change their mind about selling the house. While talking with Celia, Andi springs a deal of coming over to the house more often, news which delights Celia to the point of allowing Andi to choose her breakfast or dance to loud music.

Celia even invites Andi to a tape tunnel exhibit which has her missing school and worrying Bex. When Ham finds out the true reason Andi has been spending more time at the house, he wonders why Celia did not fill him in, but when Bex comes up with a better idea to save Andi Shack, and Celia and Ham explain their plans of seeing the world, Andi begins to accept that selling the house may not be a bad idea. It turns out Celia and Ham need more time to decide where they will live, so they postpone selling the house.

Meanwhile, Buffy is asked by her math teacher to tutor a failing student. She bails when she discovers it is TJ, but as he is in jeopardy of being kicked off the basketball team, she will help him if, in return, he starts passing the ball to her during games.

Also, Cyrus struggles with getting his chocolate chip muffin at school, but as another concession to Buffy, TJ gives Cyrus tips on claiming it. Just as they are about to order some food, Andi sees Jonah enter the diner with a girl named Natalie. Andi finds out from Jonah that Natalie heads the ultimate frisbee team for another school in town, but is wary after Jonah says that Natalie is "just a friend".

Amber warns Andi that while she was dating Jonah, he used the same words to refer to Andi. Buffy and Cyrus spy on both Jonah and Natalie at a gathering with "Furious George", one of the top ultimate discheads in the world, but cannot find anything that would make the two more than just friends. Meanwhile, Andi and Jonah have plans to go on a school trip to a Grease singalong, which Buffy and Cyrus are also attending, but Andi learns Jonah has been asked to take part in a video with Natalie and "Furious George", though Jonah says he can get out of it.

Unsure whether he does, Andi races over to where the video is being shot, only to hear from Natalie that Jonah is going to the singalong, so she races back to catch the bus, which she almost misses. Bex meets a woman named Miranda, who works at the same plant nursery Bowie does. When Miranda decides she wants to ask Bowie out and wonders how much Bex knows about him, Bex appears supportive, yet uncomfortable.

While Andi and Bowie are having breakfast at The Spoon, Andi discovers from Bowie's driver's license that it is his birthday. Bowie does not want to make a big deal out of it, but Andi wants to throw him a huge surprise party at Celia and Ham's place. She has Bex work out the details, while she attends a Renaissance Festival for most of the day with her friends. Bex sees Bowie at work and tries to get him to Celia and Ham's for a "plant emergency", but Bowie realizes she is trying to get him to the surprise party.

Bex finds out the reason Bowie is not in a celebrating mood, as his father's birthday was on the same day but he died three years ago. Despite this, Bex encourages Bowie to come to the party for Andi's sake. He does and has a wonderful time, but he is greatly touched after Andi calls him "dad" for the first time. Meanwhile, Buffy shows Jonah her competitive side in arm wrestling, where he also matches quite well, and later at the Renaissance Festival, they square off in a medieval-style tug o' war, which ends in a draw.

Cyrus tries to tell Iris that he does not have any romantic feelings for her, with Iris figuring out he does not like her like a girlfriend; the two agree to just be friends. While Andi, Bex and Bowie are playing miniature golf, Bowie receives a phone call and Andi wonders who he is talking to.

Sensing the body language from both of her parents, Andi is sure Bowie is seeing someone and tries to get information about it. Eventually, she finds out Bowie is dating Miranda and wants to meet her, but Bowie says it is too soon. Andi later has second thoughts about seeing Miranda because it may be too much for her to have possibly another parent-figure. South China Morning Post. Women most vulnerable to social effects of Covid crisis. Andi Mack Nov 30, Andi Mack Nov 16, Andi Mack Nov 2, Andi Mack Oct 22, Andi Mack Oct 15, Andi Mack?

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Andi and Jonah go on their first date where she learns some sad news. Bex and Celia prepare for the grand opening of their business. Andi and Bex plan a special dinner for Bowie, but unexpected company drops in to crash the party. All Movies all genres All Series all genres Stars. Bizaardvark — Stuck in the Middle — Raven's Home TV Series Adventure Comedy Family.

Bunk'd — Liv and Maddie — Comedy Drama Family. Jessie — Girl Meets World — Undercover — Action Comedy Family. I Didn't Do It —

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