accounting business reporting for decision making 6th edition pdf free

accounting business reporting for decision making 6th edition pdf free

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For example, the expenses and income are reported in the statement of profit or loss for the financial period past. They are not an accurate indication of what the future income and expenses will be. Nevertheless, a review of the past is often the best guide to future performance. Subjectivity of information Accounting information is prepared based on generally accepted accounting principles GAAP , which provide accounting standards for preparing financial statements, but there is much subjectivity choice involved in the inclusion of items to be reported and the choice of accounting policies to adopt.

For example, entities can choose the value that an asset will be reported at in the financial statements. They can report certain assets at cost or current market value. JB Hi-Fi Ltd reports most assets at his- torical cost; however, certain financial assets and classes of property, plant and equipment are revalued to fair value current market value.

There are also choices for inventory valuation methods, when to recog- nise revenue, and the disclosure of additional financial information. JB Hi-Fi Ltd recognises revenue at the fair value of the consideration received or receivable.

Potential costs of providing accounting information Providing accounting information to various users involves potential costs. The two types of costs dis- cussed here are information costs and the cost of releasing information to competitors. Information costs Various costs are involved in gathering, summarising and producing the information contained in the financial statements.

The implementation of accounting software programs such as MYOB, QuickBooks and other custom-made software assists in decreasing these information costs, but there are still substantial collating and printing costs to be met in order to produce financial statements.

Consider the recording of the different assets that an entity such as the Qantas Group would have to keep updated. As you can see, there are various categories of property, plant and equipment reported along with their cost and accumulated depreciation during the period and An example of this information is the disclosure of segment data that is found in the notes to the financial statements.

It also informs potential competitors of the. This would provide useful information to competitors such as Virgin Australia. Interestingly, the least profit- able segment was Qantas International. The three traditional areas of employment for accountants have been in public accounting, the private sector, and the government and not-for-profit sector. Public accountants can provide advice on the design of an accounting system such as MYOB, and on investment, audit, forensic accounting and tax issues.

Private sector accountants may work in a number of positions, such as management accounting, e-commerce, or as chief financial officers CFOs in small, medium or large private sector companies. Other public sector accountants could be employed by the Australian Taxation Office and would be responsible for checking company taxation returns and ensuring compliance with taxation laws. An accountant working in the not-for-profit sector could be employed at a public hospital and be responsible for setting up the hospital accounting system to record individual patient revenue and patient expenses.

These include positions in the area of forensic accounting, where accountants help to solve such crimes as computer hacking and the theft of large amounts of money through hoax schemes on the internet.

In recent years, several Australian banks have been the targets of this type of crime, where customers have been sent an email supposedly from the bank, requesting them to provide confidential personal banking details. Some of these cus- tomers have been misled and supplied personal details, resulting in unauthorised individuals accessing.

The burgeoning area of e-commerce also provides opportunities, as accountants are required to assist in designing web-based payment systems such as BPAY and helping to ensure the security of these systems. Another important growth area is sustainability accounting and more specifically carbon accounting. Sustainability accounting is discussed in chapter 3. A positive, high attractive package performing work environment. Build a future with this growing business.

Eastern Suburbs. Audit Manager. Transparent environment, time in lieu. Northern Beaches. A background in accounting is beneficial for people working in various positions in an entity. There are many well-known accounting techniques that will be discussed later in the text that are extremely impor- tant for management to understand and implement.

Tools such as break-even analysis allow management to determine the selling point where total revenue will equal total costs. The process of capital invest- ment decision making enables management to screen and analyse different capital projects to determine. Job prospects Data on Job Outlook are updated on a yearly basis and are compiled from national statistics which may not reflect either regional variations or more recent changes in employment conditions.

Job openings count both employment growth and turnover defined as workers leaving their occupation for other employment or leaving the workforce. Further information about job openings and projected employment growth is available on the Help page. Looking forward, employment for Accountants to November is expected to grow strongly. For Accountants working full-time, average weekly hours are Unemployment for Accountants is average.

The process of accounting is one of identifying, measuring and communicating economic infor- mation about an entity for decision making by a variety of users. Accounting information is an important part of the information used by individuals and entities in decision making regarding investment and other business opportunities. The internal users i. Stakeholders e. Management accounting concerns the creation of reports for use by management in internal plan- ning and decision making.

The management accounting reports are much less formal than finan- cial accounting reports as they are not bound by regulatory requirements.

The reports can also be tailored to suit the needs of management. There is no time lag with management reports, so they are up to date. Financial accounting provides information for the use of external parties so that they can make economic decisions about the entity. Financial accounting is bound by generally accepted accounting principles GAAP.

There is usually a time lag from the date of the report to when it is distributed to the various users. The financial accounting information is concise as unnecessary detail is disclosed in the notes to the financial statements.

The users of financial state- ments include suppliers, consumers, banks, investors and regulatory bodies. Accounting plays a major role in the business planning process. It allows entities to determine the correct mix of goods to sell and the right prices at which to market the products. It also assists the business in making decisions relating to assets to purchase to help the business achieve its goals. Finally, accounting information assists the business in evaluating its business plan.

Budgeted plans will be compared to actual performance. Tools such as analysis and interpretation will assist management in determining if the business entity is on track with its goals.

In recent years, entities have become larger, more diversified and multinational. Currently, two-thirds of US investors own shares in foreign entities that report their financial information using IFRS. Over countries worldwide have now adopted IFRS and, in years to come, the rest of the world will most likely adopt a single set of high-quality accounting standards that will meet the needs of all users. The other important sources of regulation are the Listing Rules of the Australian Securities Exchange ASX and the accounting principles, stan- dards, ethics and disciplinary procedures of the professional accounting associations.

However, since 1 January , Australian entities have complied with. The Australian Accounting Standards Board AASB is responsible for devel- oping and maintaining high-quality financial reporting standards in Australia and contributing to the ongoing development of international accounting standards by the IASB.

The professional associations provide feedback on exposure drafts and forward any com- ments to the AASB. The Conceptual Framework is designed to assist in the preparation and presentation of financial statements, to guide the standard setters in developing future accounting standards, and to help users interpret information in the financial statements.

It specifies the objective of financial statements, their desirable qualitative characteristics, and the definition and recognition of elements in the finan- cial statements. The two fundamental qualitative characteristics of financial statements are relevance including materiality and faithful representation. The enhancing qualitative characteristics are com- parability, verifiability, timeliness and understandability.

Cost is a constraint on financial reporting. The limitations of accounting information include the time lag between production of the report and distribution to the users, and the historical nature of financial statements. Costs associated with releasing accounting information include the costs of preparing and disseminating the information, and any losses from the potential release of proprietary information to competitors.

Accountants are employed in public accounting roles, private and public sector accounting roles, and government and not-for-profit sector accounting roles. New opportunities for accountants exist in for- ensic accounting, environmental accounting, e-commerce, insolvency, and international accounting. What are some of the advantages of business planning? Carbon accounting is a very important and huge growth area of accounting.

Discuss the different stakeholders and their information needs that would be interested in the carbon accounting report. The sustainability report is a recent disclosure by some Australian companies. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages to the company of providing such disclosures? What are the three elements of a business plan? Consider the situation of two brothers contemplating a new business hiring surfboards and providing surf lessons on the Sunshine Coast.

Explain how the business plan would assist the two brothers in planning their business venture. Illustrate the concept of a business transaction with five examples relating to an SME such as a provider of Chinese therapeutic massages.

Provide an example of how a management accounting report would be incorporated into financial accounting reports. Who are the likely stakeholders of both types of entities? What are the projections for the accounting profession in the next five years? Outline the importance of a business plan for Darby and the type of accounting information she will require to assist her in making the decision. Can you think of any tradeoffs between relevance and faithful representation?

What types of information does it provide for a novice investor? In your own words, explain the advantage of comparability and transparency of financial information. What are the costs and benefits for entities in reporting their carbon greenhouse gas emissions?

Go to the AASB website at www. One of the recent accounting standards is the standard on fair value measurement. What is the purpose of this standard? One of the topics listed relates to the exposure draft — ED Classification of Liabilities. Summarise the main changes to this proposed standard. What are the benefits in relation to international trade?

The professional bodies publish a professional conduct annual report each year. Summarise five of the tribunal hearings and the nature of the allegations against the members of the accounting profession. Comment on the jurisdictions that have adopted IFRS. Which countries are yet to adopt IFRS? Can you think of reasons why certain countries have not adopted IFRS?

What key performance indi- cators are included in this report? Explain the different stakeholders that would be interested in this information. How does the buying and selling process work and what is the role of a broker?

What are the current top 20 shares by value? What is the current number of listed entities on the ASX and what is the percentage increase since ? One of the options she is investigating is whether or not to list on the ASX. Go to www. Give two examples of some of the Listing Rules that Saphira must abide by if she decides to list her recruitment agency on the ASX.

What do you think is the purpose of the segment report? What operating segments does CSR have? How do you think this information would benefit stakeholders of financial statements? Can you think of any disadvantages of disclosing this information for CSR Ltd? The notes to the consolidated financial statements of JB Hi-Fi Ltd appear in the appendix to this text, and the statements are available online at www.

For each of the following stakeholders, give an illustration of a report or a note that would be useful for decision-making purposes, state why the information is useful, and give an example of how that information would be used. Prospective shareholders b. Customers c. Employees d. Auditors f. Charity organisations g.

Australian Taxation Office. Access the websites of CPA Australia www. Prepare a one-page memo to Raymond advising him on the strategic mission of all of these associations, any prerequisites for becoming a member of each, and the areas and activities that each is typically involved in.

Qantas Airways Ltd , Annual report , www. All rights reserved. This material is reproduced with the permission of ASX. This material should not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form whether in whole or in part without the prior written permission of ASX. The text, graphics and layout of this publication are protected by Australian copyright law and the comparable law of other countries.

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Reproduction and use rights are strictly limited. No permission granted to third parties to reproduce or distribute. As discussed in chapter 1, a business plan explains the goals of the firm, how it will operate and the likely outcomes of the planned business. Starting and organising a business is a demanding task.

Whether one is buying an existing business or beginning a brand new business entity, there are always many tasks to do and issues to deal with. One way is simply to deal with each question or problem as it arises.

The other strategy, long favoured by business advisers and commentators, is to carefully draw up a business plan. As such, it is a forecast or forward projection of a potential business idea.

It explains the goals of the busi- ness entity, how it will operate and the likely outcomes of the business entity. At the conclusion of this appendix, you will find a business plan for the fictitious business, Murphy Recruiting Pty Ltd. Advantages of a business plan There are several advantages stemming from the development of a business plan Schaper It allows management and employees of the firm to work towards a set of clearly defined goals, thus enhancing the likelihood of the goals being reached.

This allows the business to take the initiative in determining its fate, rather than just reacting to events that occur in the outside environment. Planning also provides a suitable means of periodically evaluating the performance of the firm. Business owners need to assess the reasons for substantial discrepancies between the forecast and the actual results, and initiate action to overcome the gaps.

Because it is a comprehensive document, a business plan encourages managers and owners to effec- tively review all aspects of their operations Hormozi et al. The review and decision-making processes involved in business plan construction foster a more effective use of scarce resources, such as staff, time and money, and improve coordination and internal communication.

An effective plan demar- cates responsibilities — spelling out the roles of key personnel; it also helps clarify job expectations and improves the accountability of staff to the owner—manager. In addition, the very process of collecting information, analysing it and integrating it into a written document can help ensure that the small business owner has adequately researched the business idea.

If properly done, preparation of a business plan will foster skill development during the process of balanced and objective data collection, systematic analysis of the positive and negative results revealed by the research, and the development of a comprehensive business response strategy that integrates all activities of the proposed venture with its internal and external environment.

Disadvantages of a business plan However, it is also important to bear in mind that business plans, in themselves, are not a guarantee of success. Although some research does indicate that failed firms are less likely to have had a business. Business plans do not eliminate uncertainty, because no business entity exists in a completely predictable environ- ment. In some cases, an inflexible over-reliance on a predetermined plan, even in the face of overwhelming evidence of significant changes taking place in the business environment, can do more damage to the business than might otherwise be the case.

There is also evidence emerging that the process and focus of plans on marketing, operations or finance should change in response to the prevailing environmental circumstances Gruber The interactive eBook code is printed on the inside of your book, so you will receive both when your parcel arrives in the post. This code will not be emailed to you.

The Wiley Official Exam Success Guide covers all the examinable content for your Accounting for Decision Making subject, and will you bring you up to speed with key concepts and topics in advance of your exam. Accounting: Business Reporting for Decision Making, 6th Edition builds on the success of its previous editions, but now has an enhanced business focus and ensuring key concepts are highlighted through business scenarios.

Each chapter contains a series of pre-work, activities and revision learning tools to support your studies and enhance understanding. This is the latest offering from Jacqueline Birt, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland and market-leading Accounting author. This resource is most suitable for introductory accounting units that have a focus on financial decision making in business rather than the preparation of financial reports.

It is also highly suited to first-year units in accounting in business degrees, MBA introductory accounting units and accounting service units. During her academic career, she has been responsible for accounting-related curriculum development, quality assurance and delivery at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

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