a debt paid in the marriage bed read online free

a debt paid in the marriage bed read online free

The chemistry may be alive and well between them, but can they survive their tempestuous reunion unscathed? Upload Sign In Join. Let's keep in touch! Your Email. Sign Up. In fact the whole book was pretty marked, but that for me is a measure of how good a books is, and I really dug this book.

In fact the whole book was pretty marked, but that for me is a measure of how good a books is, and that I will go back and re read it again in the future. I just really loved this book and will be in my favorite pile. It was just so good. I could just rave and rave about this book. It was that amazing. More detailed review below: Now despite the fact that this wasn't an unusual plot in the Presents world, it felt very different to me. That difference being the emotion in the story.

It just slapped me in the face, and it didn't let go for a single second. It was a cacophony of emotions that just dug in deep, twisted, and pulled out my heart and squeezing it in its vice. I cried at certain moments. I was gutted. I just felt so much while reading this emotional, tense second chance love story between Angelina and Lorenzo.

It was heartbreaking at times and a roller coaster for sure, but it was so, so good. It hurt so good. In the end all the pain was worth it in the end and very satisfying. It hit all my emotional marks. Because this book was so emotional, that just really upped the ante and the stakes in the book, therefore making it more intense. And the intensity was just really, really good and added another layer to the story.

Their relationship was so intense that it wafted off the pages. The butted heads and fought before finally getting the relationship that they needed and wanted. It was delicious to have all that intensity in their story. It was the perfect amount for me. What I also loved about this book was that this was a second chance love story where Lorenzo and Angelina were trying to fix their marriage. I have been into this trope lately, and it hasn't disappointed me. Anyway I love it because there was already a history between Lorenzo and Angelina that was frought with deep emotion.

There was lot of hurt and misunderstandings going on in their marriage that caused her to leave and him file for divorce. Only the divorce was never filed so they were still married. Problem she was going to marry someone else, but Lorenzo informed her of the truth and put a stop to it there and the journey to fix their marriage begins. But because they had this tumultuous marriage, there was lot of drama and hurt.

So the conflict was set. I also really loved they already had an established relationship, though not a healthy one, with so much beneath the surface that it needed to be explored and dealt with.

It doesn't that I love relationships filled with misunderstandings. It just made the story that more interesting and consuming. Just having a backstory is a plus in my book. What I also loved about this book was the actual showing of them trying to mend their marriage. It wasn't an easy journey and even painful at times, but that's what made it more rewarding in the end. Just to see that struggle and the work that they put in to reconcile was really amazing and beautiful.

A lot of times in stories like this usually the physical attraction and physical reuniting kind of takes over and the emotional piece just gets sprinkled in, which is okay, but I never see the couple try to work through their problems realistically.

In this one, it was very realistic and nice to see Lorenzo and Angelina go on that journey together. I liked seeing them work for a successful marriage. I was especially impressed with Lorenzo and just the lengths he was willing to go to get his marriage back on track.

Even though he was thick headed at times, I still loved and swooned over him. He might not have had a lot of self-awareness going, but he did have enough awareness of what he needed to do for his marriage. He acknowledged his mistakes and realized that the downfall of their marriage wasn't just her fault, but his as well.

He realized he had to make a change if he wanted marriage. He realized that they had to be more emotionally open with one another and trust each other. He couldn't be as emotional aloof as he had been in the past.

And he did his best to accomplish that so they could be close and have that emotional intimacy that was needed. I don't think I have read many alpha male that had that awareness and was willing to put them work and change for the sake of their marriage. It was such a refreshing change, and I loved it.

It didn't make him any less alpha or sexy if anything it made him more sexy because of the fact he acknowledged that he wasn't perfect and was a work in progress.

He made some mistakes during this reconciliation with Angelina, and he had some making up to do, and he did. He groveled just enough. In fact for most of the book he tried to make up for all the missteps in his marriage and showed Angelina that he cared about her.

He wasn't a pushover either and more or less was willing to compromise with her. And he told her they needed to do that for their marriage. He was a smart man, though a scared one too that lead to him to his mistakes that he made out of fear. He was a complex character. As was Angelina. She was very reluctant to give her marriage another chance, and I could see why from her point of view.

I understood why she didn't rush into his arms or trusted him readily. He really hurt her badly as did she hurt him by leaving and even lashing out at him. A Debt Paid in the Marriage Bed. Reviews from Goodreads. All rights reserved. Contact Us. Professional help. Abigail needs a life. I need a life. You need help. You who turned your back on me and walked away.

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