a court of thorns and roses pdf free download

a court of thorns and roses pdf free download

This was one of the most uncompelling versions of Beauty and the Beast that I have ever read. The writing is nothing outstanding, there was nothing that moved me.

Look, I'm sure by the end of the book, all the things tie together and Clearly I'm in the minority here. Ain't nobody got time for that.

I have so many questions and I'm just fed up. This is not a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. This is a book about a girl who gets to live an easy life with a guy who's implied to be a gorgeous Fae underneath his mask. The original story makes sense: here's roughly how it goes. Handsome prince is cursed to be ugly unless he gets a chick to fall for him.

Flash forward, there's Belle's dad. Belle's dad wanders into Beast's castle and touches his stuff. Beast doesn't like the fact that Belle's dad touched his stuff.

Beast is going to kill Belle's dad unless he gets Beast some pussy. Belle's valiantly steps in to save dad, Beast is as nice to her as much as a hairy ugly, self-conscious, socially ostracized monster can be.

Belle is treated like a princess because Beast really, really fucking needs her to save him and his people before the curse runs out!

There's a reason Belle is treated like the queen! Things make sense! They have to learn to trust one another. Things are slowly developed an built over time. There is a hideous beast who is scarred emotionally, and a beauty who needs to look past the exterior. There is a point. Not so with this book. Things are far, far too easy with this book.

Now here's this version of Beauty and the Beast, a retelling that tries to be bad-ass and fails completely, from the little that I have read. There's Feyre who has a pretty crappy life with an absentminded, worthless, spineless dad, and two of the most bitchy, ungrateful sisters in the entire world.

She slaves for them, she hunts food for them, she works her ass off for them. Without her, their family would starve. They don't care. I feel some pity for her, but she acts like so much of a martyr that there's only so much I can take. While hunting one day, Feyre kills a wolf, well, surprise, surprise, that wolf turns out to be a Fae in disguise. In return for this kill, Feyre is taken by a wolf who's a Fae in disguise away from her family. Any unprovoked attacks on faerie-kind by humans are to be paid only by a human life in exchange.

Oh, no! Is she going to die?! That's what a life for a life means, right? Feyre is taken off to magical Fairyland to live in luxury for the rest of her life while her family is taken care of back in their little village.

This makes no sense at all. Feyre kills one of their kind. A beloved brother. In exchange, there is absolutely no punishment whatsoever. She gets to live in a fantastically fabulous castle, waited on by servants.

She gets beautiful clothes and delicious food. Another useless answer. I dug into my breakfast, savoring each rich sip of tea, and she slipped into the bathing chamber.

Clearly there is some kind of a setup involving The Treaty, since there seems to be a lot of secrecy between the Fae It doesn't make any sense! Across Prythian. There has been for almost fifty years now. It is why this house and these lands are so empty: most have left. The blight spreads slowly, but it has made magic act … strangely. My own powers are diminished due to it. I do not like it when things come so easily to a main character, and everything comes easily to Feyre.

There is no consequence whatsoever to her actions. There is no punishment to her deed of killing. The Fae are supposed to hate her The Fae seem to have no other things to do besides play with her and hunt with her.

Indeed, his usual tunic was off, the baldric gone, and the sleeves of his white shirt had been rolled up to the elbows to reveal tanned forearms corded with muscle.

Dead—really, truly, I should have been dead for that. But Lucien grinned at me. View all comments. Cassandra Steffensen While I can agree with you on many points I think that the issues you had with the characters would be solved in the second book. I do agree that it w While I can agree with you on many points I think that the issues you had with the characters would be solved in the second book.

Sep 17, Jillian rated it really liked it. Maddie Oh my gosh this is actually perfect!!! I just finished Acotar today and this describes my thoughts exactly!!! Jul 12, PM. Sep 02, Emily May rated it it was ok Shelves: new-adult , pnr , fairy-tales , Maybe my rating comes as a surprise or even - if you care - a disappointment, but let me assure you: no one is more surprised or disappointed than I am. I've had this book on my TBR ever since it appeared on Goodreads without a title, cover or description.

I started reading it as soon as it became available and the array of positive reviews from my friends and strangers alike made me feel sure I would love it. But I didn't. It is possible I expected all the wrong things from A Court of Thorns and Roses , and maybe my review can prevent others from doing the same.

Here's what I expected: an intricate fantasy world, supernatural politics and alliances, fast-paced action, a sensual romance - perhaps similar to Cruel Beauty and other Beauty and the Beast retellings, and a flawed but likable heroine.

But this book is, if you ask me, nothing more or less than softcore erotica. Which is fine, if that's what you're looking for. I personally thought that the fantasy aspect felt like trimmings around a story that was all about a romance between Feyre the narrator and Tamlin a High Lord of the Fae.

There are some titillating scenes where Tamlin bites Feyre's neck and they have sex - undoubtedly the best bits of the book and I won't pretend I didn't feel a little hot under the collar myself. But the "ancient wicked shadow" promised in the blurb is only really a source of more romantic angst for Feyre and Tamlin. In CB, I felt the chemistry between Nyx and Ignifex as soon as their loaded banter started to fill the pages. They were sexy together, Ignifex was an evil ruler which was a real problem for their relationship with blood-red eyes, and the supernatural part of the book was creepy, weird and completely unique.

Despite enjoying the actual non-PG scenes in A Court of Thorns and Roses , I never felt any real chemistry between Feyre and Tamlin or any realistic challenge to their relationship.

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Tolkien and originally published on July 29, , in the United Kingdom. Maas Author Jennifer Ikeda Narrator Series A Court of Thorns and Roses. Pruett, Robert J. Edwards pdf. Download Flood pdf by Stephen Baxter. Atlas - Hagstrom Middlesex County pdf.

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