31 companies that send you products to test for free

31 companies that send you products to test for free

Bloggers, testers, and fans alike have opportunities to redeem points. To get started, all you have to do is sign up and complete your profile. If selected, just test it out, love it or maybe not , and leave a review to let others know your thoughts on the product. Sign up for a free PTPA account here! There are several different types of studies that you may qualify for, and all it takes is filling out a survey to get join the program.

Some members will qualify to test products and other testers will get an honorarium for their time. After the close of a study, you may also receive an honorarium as a token of appreciation, such as a Prepaid Visa Card. Sign up below! Want more? Head this way for all of the latest freebies! Tweet Share Email. Influenster : Influenster is looking for social media influencers to spread the word about products that range anywhere from single cup coffee makers to the newest cosmetics.

You can get one item to review or a box of products to review. Smiley : Smiley sends out boxes of products like vitamins, candy, and even pillows that they want you to spread the word about on social media.

After you've reviewed them, you get to keep them. Bananatic 6. FeaturePoints 7. MyPoints 8. Swagbucks 9. Toluna Valued Opinions OneOpinion Survey Junkie SurveySavvy Daily Goodie Box Slicethepie MySoapBox National Consumer Panel Focus Pointe Global BzzAgent Mindswarms PINCHme Survey Club YouGov FusionCash PrizeRebel InstaGC Johnson and Johnson McCormick American Consumer Opinion UserTesting FeaturePoints App.

I am sorry you are not having a good experience testing products. Just follow the links and use the information in this post to get started. Each site will ask you to fill out a short form with key demographic information which helps companies match you with relevant products to review. How much you earn testing products depends on the number and types of programs you choose to join. Vindale Research , best known for paying users to take surveys, also offers users the option to earn money testing products.

Nielsen, most well-known for polling American TV watchers about their viewing habits, operates a handful of sub-brands, including the Homescan program.

This is separate from their Computer and Mobile panel , which pays users for letting Nielsen track their internet usage. This is such a good way to not only keep up with free product opportunities, but also to keep up with coupons, deals, giveaways, and other opportunities to save money and get your hands on some free stuff! Okay, so a lot of companies nowadays want to work with bloggers to promote their items.

So, they often send out pre-release items to bloggers. For example, a beauty brand may be releasing a new line of lipsticks. So, they send the whole line to a beauty blogger who will test the lipsticks and write a blog post about the new line.

This means that if you have a blog, you can work directly with brands to promote their products. This is a good way to not only get free products to test out but also to get paid for creating sponsored content too, in some cases. Now, anyone can start a blog, but not everyone can make a blog successful.

It takes a lot of work, and often you are at the whim of Google when it comes to actually getting your site to rank. All you need to get started is a topic for your blog, and a WordPress account , as a well as a domain name and hosting. Build up your following, and then brands will want to work with you. Keep sending Nike feedback, though, and chances are it'll keep sending products to try. Hearst publication Redbook wants you to test products for advertisers, sure, but it also wants data and loyalty.

To join its panel, you have to fill out a survey, review free samples, share opinions of products online, and maybe earn prizes along the way.

Meredith doesn't just want parents' input for Parenting product testing : It wants to hear from the kids as well. Parents have to apply along with their children to be considered for sampling, and those chosen get to try out toys, games, books, DVDs, CDs, video games, health products, bath products, and adult health and beauty products.

They'll also get trial versions of strollers, carriers, furniture, and items for feeding and diapering. Sorry, Hearst Communications, but Conde Nast still publishes the standard-bearer for global style.

You have to answer surveys and join panels to get Vogue Insiders products, but Vogue doesn't necessarily want reviews — it wants discussion, feedback, and opinions, not just rote online reviews that any supermarket-aisle reader could cobble together. BSM Media's MomSelect asks mothers to register for freebies and product testing, select programs, and let companies send samples for personal use or at parties.

MomSelect bundles all the data from that testing and hands it back to companies. The company may get paid for this service, but the "mom influencers" get first crack at products before they hit shelves.

Fill out a product test profile and New Balance might put its prototype sneakers on your feet. If you're chosen, you'll be notified of product tests and can opt in at any time. Your critique will help improve the sneakers that end up on the market.

Parents who fill out an application will get free products to review, and each review earns points toward rewards — you get freebies for reviewing freebies. Everyone wants in on beauty industry influence. Allure gives folks who sign up for its program a sneak peek at products being launched by beauty companies and a place to sound off about their quality.

Make sure to share this post if you know anyone looking to become a product tester and bookmark it. I update it regularly. Disclosure - Post contains some sponsored links. Have you ever tested products at home before? How was your experience? Lou Martin. Unknown PM. Lou Martin PM. Hey i was wondering if there are any companies that need international testers. Any help would be appreciated!

Our family is going on a big hiking trip in a few months. We would love to test out some gear! That said, I am going to suggest something unconventional that I actually have heard people do and get good results. Here is what you do: First go to Amazon and locate the gear you are interested in. Then write a quick message to the seller s letting them know you are going on a family hiking trip and that you would love to try out their product s in exchange for an honest and detailed review.

To increase your chance, mention that you will also be open to doing a video review of the product s. I think this is great blog for people who want earn money in freeways people pay for online jobs but they couldnt refund i mean not get money from it.

The best part of this blog is every information is described specically Keep it up blog owner. I think the closest you can get to that is to use one of the Amazon product testing sites where product owners including electronic sellers give products for free or very cheap in exchange for an honest review.

Each time you do this and follow through with your review requirements, it ups your chance to review a more expensive piece of tech. I just signed up last week and I have a digital kitchen scale headed my way via UPS :. Are there any legit gaming testing sites? Yes there are a few.

I am old and would like to find some honest companies where I can use their products and send in my review and maybe get to keep some things mainly electronics books ect. I can also turn the products back in with review if need be.

I am afraid of getting a bad company,how do u know if they are legitimate companies? Barbara, I just published a post with a list of 40 websites where you can get Amazon products for free or highly discounted in exchange for leaving revives on Amazon. Love it! Also if u like product reviewing go ok Facebook and look for review groups I used to be big in it and used to get literally 20 packages A day from Amazon for months without spending a dime!

I have a mini washing machine coming this week for free got my son a scooter for Christmas.. They do however offer mypoints for every product test report you file as well as their follow up survey. With Loreal testing panel they are not bogus… You have to qualify for their product tests and it can be quite frustrating if you are not chosen. I have been with them for about 3 years and have only qualified for 3 product tests but it was worth it to me.

I received a nice gift bag each time as a thank you filled with lots of great products. Smiley is Great. Been with them about 2 years now and have done lots of testing on products for them. One was a sleep number bed study and I got a awesome pillow valued at almost I want to really get involved in this testing products n samples I believe it would be a interesting hobby of n e one can give me websites n direction to get the ball rolling I would greatly appreciate it n my e mail is removed by editor.

Rachel, I removed your email address. Its the fastest way to get scammed. If you like Amazon products, check out our list of 40 Amazon Review Sites where you can get free Amazon stuff in exchange for your review.

I have been going to freebies. I click on it an it takes you to candles toilet paper, socks, shoes,tide etc.. You have to answers dumb questions to really never get the free items they show you are they really legit. They also show free kitchen things can never get them. There are alot of sites like this.

Fortunately, companies like Walmart and Amazon give out free products to test. Now, a quick note though before we begin. Still though, sene stuff is pretty sweet! PINCHme sends out whole boxes of free products! Just sign up to the site, and answer a few questions about your household and shopping habits. Get a box of free items mailed out to you from Daily Google Box. Shipping is free too! All you need to do ro give your opinion on the items in the sample box. You can get everything from toothpaste to deodorant on there. Basically, you give your feedback on pre-release and new products. Now, Amazon Vine is an invitation-only review program. Amazon selects trusted reviewers 31 companies that send you products to test for free give their feedback on adobe premiere full version free download for windows 7. Just make sure you review items consistently and increase 31 companies that send you products to test for free reviewer rank, as Amazon chooses its reviewers based on their reviewer rank. Learn more about increasing your reviewer rank here. Smiley provides freebies in lots of different categories. You can test items for free from s of brands. Want to test Adidas products for free? Well, you can. Adidas has a product testing program 31 companies that send you products to test for free you can join. Now, there is a caveat. 31 companies that send you products to test for free There are many companies that give out free products to test, like Walmart, Roku Beta Testing Program. Roku is looking for both new and. You can get free food, beauty products, household gear, and more and that any supermarket-aisle reader could cobble together. Mom Select 31 / 51 and product testing, select programs, and let companies send samples. Do product testing and get completely free stuff in the mail to test or try! Whenever new samples are available, they'll send you an email. Join the Snuggle Bear Den and you can try new products, content, and offers from Snuggle. You can also share your thoughts with. Sign up for these product testing companies where you will get to review that give you the opportunity to receive free products for your review. Check out these product testing companies and become a paid product tester. Toluna may also send you an email invites if you are a strong match. Product If you qualify, the sample box comes to your front door for free. Once you do this, the market research firm will send you screener emails to fill The more product testing companies you sign up with, the more money you will make. ⭐Get paid up to $ Chronic Cough- 1 year or more of refractory or​. Get free goodies from reputable product testing sites, including Clicks Once a task is completed, you send the company a link to a blog. Did you know companies will sometimes send free products for a year-old woman in Florida, you probably won't see that test in your. Some of the options include household, beauty, tech gadgets and apps. Swagbucks partners with brands to give you points SBs when you complete offers from their websites. Did you have to buy anything else, pay a fee, or take surveys or anything like that, Ashley? Look at my instagram photo if you want to see it. Hey i was wondering if there are any companies that need international testers. They asked about aprons and then walking shoes. Are they legit? I just thought that you might like to know this… Thanks for all of your hard work and valuable information. They are only looking for certain demographics of people at various times. Thanks for your comment, Elizabeth. Proud Supporter of: Stray Rescue of St. 31 companies that send you products to test for free