16 and pregnant season 3 full episodes online free

16 and pregnant season 3 full episodes online free

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Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple TV. The show focuses on the tremendous inner strength and courage each of these girls display as they sacrifice their teenage years in order to become responsible for another human life. They have the dedication and determination to do whatever it takes to make their lives work, and to provide for their babies. Full Ep Full Ep 9. Drew on their heartbreaks, challenges, and triumphs over the past year.

The emotional finale delves into the issues pregnant teens face. Vinny vastustaa. Siesta Key. Watch Full Episodes of 16 and Pregnant. Season 6 Episode 14 Season 5 Unseen Mome Season 6 Episode 11 Courtney Select the sources you want displayed in the episode guide. Season 6 15 full episodes. Episode 14 - Season 5 Unseen Moments. Episode 13 - Life After Labor 6. July 1st, Dr. Drew reflects on the season 4 and Briana joins him on stage with her mom and sister.

Episode 12 - Savannah. June 16th, Sensitive girl tries to co-parent with ex-boyfriend turned friend. Comedy Central. Watch full episodes of your favorite shows on the Comedy Central Android app. How can we improve? Please give an overall site rating:. You'll meet Farrah Abraham from Council Bluffs Iowa, who tries to juggle raising her daughter Sophia, classes, dating, and a part-time job while trying to distance herself from her overbearing parents.

Episode Summary: Arianna Hazel is a high school senior from Smyrna, Georgia who is pregnant by her ex-boyfriend Maurice. Prior to the baby's birth, the episode focuses on Arianna's ongoing frustration with Maurice's total lack of financial or emotional support through the pregnancy. Aiden Connor is born healthy on November 16, , weighing 6 lb, 2 oz. Maurice is in the delivery room for the birth and things initially go well, but an argument ensues about Maurice's lack of ongoing support, leading to Arianna throwing Maurice out of her hospital room.

The rest of the episode focuses on Maurice's lack of financial or emotional support, with him starting to provide some support towards the end of the episode. Summer lives with D. However, Summer's mother has struggled with addiction throughout Summer's entire life and has not been there to raise Summer or her three half-sisters. The couple marry and their son, Peyton Daniel Rewis, is born shortly afterwards, on October 28, , and weighs 7 lb, 8 oz. The remainder of the episode focuses on Summer deciding to get her GED rather than go back to high school and her mother's continuing addiction and legal troubles.

Episode Summary: Karley Deatherage previously Shipley is a 17 year-old, straight-A student from Tooele, Utah who is expecting twins with Tony Shipley, a high school dropout. Following finding out she was pregnant with twins, Deatherage and Shipley married, and Tony moved in with Karley and her parents. Prior to the birth, the episode focuses on how unhappy Tony is about living Karley's family home, and how he would rather he and Karley are living on their own.

Karley goes into labor prematurely, and gives birth to daughters Amariah Dawn and Amayah Lynn Shipley on November 14, , respectively weighing 4 lb, 14 oz, and 5 lb, 9 oz.

Three weeks after the twins' birth, things start to unravel when, despite Karley's objections, Tony buys a second-hand truck that cannot be used as a family vehicle. This leads to Tony and Karley's mother getting into a screaming match which results in Tony storming out and going back to his parents' house.

The episode concludes with Tony returning to Karley the next day and putting the truck up for sale. She is pregnant by Shawn Burke, [] her boyfriend of two years that she met in juvenile detention. Shawn has custody of a young son, Noah, from a previous relationship. Prior to the birth Aleah is surrounded only by supportive people including Shawn, her family, and Shawn's family.

The focus is on Aleah's trying to manage the effect her Type 1 diabetes has on her pregnancy, along with hers and Shawn's inability to afford a place of their own due to all of his speeding tickets. Their daughter Peyton Reianne Burke, is born on December 13, , weighing 7 lb, 8 oz.

Initially, Peyton has breathing difficulties which cause her to spend time in the NICU , but she goes home healthy when she is three days old. Three weeks after the birth, Aleah and Shawn have a major falling out when Shawn gets another speeding ticket. The episode closes with their efforts to keep their relationship together and become financially stable. She is pregnant by her boyfriend of nearly a year, Dell Williamson, who lives a block away.

Prior to the birth, the episode focuses on Dell's disobeying the household rules set by Jazmin's parents, which include Jazmin and Dell not being allowed to be together unchaperoned in the house, and him having to leave by pm. The episode also focuses on Jazmin's unpreparedness for the level of commitment that caring for a newborn will require.

Laila Aubrielle Williamson is born healthy on October 17, , weighing 6 lb, Following the birth, the episode focuses on Jazmin's challenges caring for a newborn, and Dell's frustration at the continued house rules which, combined with his limited free time due to his job, limit his access to his daughter.

She became pregnant via a hook-up with a man named Eli, who has children by other women and whom she is no longer in contact with. Prior to the birth, the episode focuses on Savon's relationship with her boyfriend, Mauwi. Although Savon and Mauwi are a committed couple, there is no physical intimacy due to Savon's lack of comfort getting intimate with Mauwi when she is pregnant with someone else's baby.

Eden Lavon Looney, is born healthy on February 13, , weighing 7 lb, 5 oz. Following the birth the episode focuses on Mauwi's mounting frustration with his lack of intimacy with Savon. She had her second baby. Prior to the birth, the episode focuses on Jordan's and Derek's challenges of effectively being homeless because Derek is not interested in getting a job and they have no local relatives to take them in.

Genevieve "Evie" Shae Taylor, is born on March 7, , weighing 7 lb, 5 oz. Following the birth, the episode focuses on Derek's continued lack of interest in working, leading to Jordan's and Derek's ongoing financial struggles and continued homelessness.

Post-Episode Update: Cashmyer and Taylor separated following filming. Initially Cashmyers father and stepmother shared custody of Genevieve with Taylor.

Watch 16 and Pregnant Season 3 Episode DocumentaryReality. No Free Trial. High quality. Hulu Live. 16 and pregnant season 3 full episodes online free quality. Itunes Store. Highest quality. Watch with Watch on Mtv Watch Now. Seasons and episodes availability varies between streaming services and are catered to US users. Most recommended streaming services. Synopsis Allie must choose raising her baby in an unstable environment or ;regnant a father. Season 3. Season 5 Season 4 Season 2 Season 1. Similar shows. True Life. The Baby Borrowers. 16 and pregnant season 3 full episodes online free 16 and Pregnant: episodes. overview. seasons. Season 4Season 3Season 2​Season 1. 16 and Pregnant: latest episodes. Kristina. Kristina. SE 4, EP 12​. MTV's 16 and Pregnant is a documentary series focusing on the controversial subject of teen pregnancy. Each episode follows the life of a teenager as she navigates the bumpy terrain of adolescence; Start your 7-day free trial Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Season 1 Format: Prime Video (streaming online video). All Seasons of 16 and Pregnant. poster. Season 1. 8 Episodes | MTV & Rent or Buy · poster. Season 2 episodes (3%) are available to watch free online (MTV). Instantly find any 16 and Pregnant full episode available from all 3 seasons with free trial now Arrow. Ad i. SEASON. 6. SEASON. 5. SEASON. 4. SEASON. 3. 16 and Pregnant has spawned several spin-off series: Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom 3. Each series follows the lives of four girls from their respective. 'Teen Mom 2' Star David Eason Gets Full Legal Custody of Daughter 2 Star Jenelle Evans Married David Eason - But It Wasn't Drama-Free". E! Online. "​16 and Pregnant" Season 3 Star Cleondra Carter is Married! Watch 16 and Pregnant season 3 episode 11 online. The complete guide by MSN. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. No Free Trial. Watch Teen Mom Season 3 Episode 14 – Finale Special: Check-Up with Dr. Drew Part 2 as a spin-off of the documentary series "16 and Pregnant. Watch full episodes of your favorite TLC shows. Included FREE with your TV subscription. Season 4 · Episode 3 Navigating Pregnant Life Season 16 · Episode 8 Mohamed considers moving to Miami with a woman he met online. Find TV episodes, reviews, ratings, lists, and links to watch 16 and Pregnant online on SideReel - MTV's 16 and Pregnant Each episode will follow a month period in the life of a teenager as she navigates the bumpy Cousin Oliver & Company: The Best (and Worst) Late-Season Character Additions. While struggling to put her looks aside for the health of her child, she realizes that her mother refuses. Kelseyn ja Garrettin suhde edistyy. Life After Labor 2. Where Are They Now. Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Season 1 Unseen Moments. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use this website. Siesta Key. Episode 1 Maddy 40 mins Maddy, an all-American girl from Illinois, gets pregnant from a one night stand. Season 5 Unseen Moments. Cancel anytime. But with both sides refusing to spe. From the latest news or reviews till a list of the episodes. There must be one among the more than 16 and pregnant season 3 full episodes online free